Mysore, May 10 UNI | 3 months ago

Thousands of fishes of various species and sizes were found dead and floating in Karanji Lake adjacent to the Mysore zoo alarming the visitors and lake authorities.

The authorities suspected that the death was caused by inflow of large quantity of sewage water as the lake area had a foul smell along with the stench of dead fish.

On examination, the suspicion of the lake authorities came true as they discovered that an Under Ground Drainage (UGD) line was broken and the sewage water was gushing into the storm water drain linked to the lake. The Mysore City Corporation authorities were summoned immediately and repair of the UGD line was taken up.

It was observed that the dead fish was collected the dead fish were being collected and loaded on to boats by lake employees to be buried nearby. However, the lake authorities expressed fear that other animals that have consumed the dead fish especially birds, may be affected.

Lake officials said, to avert such an incident, they had been putting chemicals in to the lake that minimise the organic load of contaminants. However, the sudden downpour over the last two days might have damaged the UGD line letting in sewage water in huge proportion increasing the contamination of water which turned fatal for the fish. The official also said water samples from various points in the lake have been collected for checking the level of contamination.

Zoo Executive Director B.P. Ravi for his remarks, he said that the flow of sewage water could be the main reason for the death of the fishes. Permanent remedial steps had been taken to ensure zero contamination in the lake by diverting the sewage line, he claimed.

(Posted on 11-05-2014)