Bangalore, May 7 UNI | 3 months ago

Karnataka Governor H R Bhardwaj today said the Supreme Court order which said that a State government cannot insist on the medium of instruction at the primary school level will not have any adverse impact on Kannada language which has its own heritage and values.

The Apex Court in its verdict upheld the earlier order of the Karnataka High Court which disallowed the State from imposing Kannada as medium of instruction at primary schools, including minority, unaided and non-Kannada schools. Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a function here, the former Union Minister for Law, said the order would not affect the growth of regional languages as India was a multi linguistic country and it is its asset.

"Regional languages will not be sidelined by the Court order. There will be no ill-effect on the development of Indian languages due to the order," he added.

The verdict was received with shock and disappointment by the literary world and pro-Kannada organisations. The government has called for a meeting of writers and social activists to prepare ground for future action.

(Posted on 08-05-2014)