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Mayawati slams Narendra Modi

Posted on May 07 2014 | IBNS

Lucknow, May 6 : Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief Mayawati on Tuesday said Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)'s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi has distorted Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi's "neech rajniti (low-level politics)" remarks to resort to play 'backward card' for political gains.

"It could be said 'Neechi rajniti' does not mean politics of backward communities. He has distorted that statement. He did it in order to link with caste and play backward card for political gains," the former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister said during a press conference.

He asked Modi to disclose his caste.

"Why did Modi not declare his caste if he is from backward community? He should clarify it. he should reveal his caste," he said.

Modi on Tuesday attacked Priyanka Gandhi for her "neech rajniti (low-level politics)" remarks and said he is proud to have been born in a lower caste family.

Addressing an election rally at Domariyaganj in Uttar Pradesh, Modi said: "We are born in lower castes. Is it a crime? We sacrificed our lives for your well being too. But we never felt insulted."

"You want to hang me hang me but do not insult my fellow Indians who were born in lower castes," he said. "We do not want anything. We just want a right to live with dignity. What is the crime we have committed?"

"Just because we belong to the lower strata does it mean we can be abused like this? First they called me a tea seller. As if it was a crime that I sold tea. They asked if a tea seller will run the nation," said the Gujarat Chief Minister.

"I do not know if the Election Commission (EC) has the courage to act against such statements made. But forget a tea seller, in a democracy, every one has the right to be the PM," he said.

Without naming Priyanka, Modi said: "You people live in cities. For years you troubled us. At least now stop putting salt on our wounds."

"The nation has stepped out of caste and communal politics. The youth want development and a sound future," he said.

On Monday, Priyanka, referring to Modi, had said in Amethi: "He is into 'neech rajniti'. For this, each and every polling booth in Amethi will take revenge."

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