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Three vagabonds arrested for train robberies

Posted on Jan 26 2014 | IANS

New Delhi, Jan 26 : Three vagabonds have been arrested for involvement in several train robberies in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, police said Sunday.

Uma Shankar (22), Shaukin (24) and Sarafat alias Bhura (21) were arrested Friday near the Old Delhi railway station.

Police recovered five stolen mobile phones from their possession.

"All of them are vagabonds and stay near railway stations. They are not much educated and are drug addicts," a police officer said.

He added that the trio indulge in crime to make easy money.

Police said the accused admitted to their involvement in several train dacoities in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh along with other vagabonds.

"They choose train compartments with less passengers and snatch valuable items at knife-point. After the dacoity, they would de-board the train before reaching the station when it slows down at signals," police said.

Police said they are keeping a watch on vagabonds staying near railway stations after the recent rape of a foreigner near New Delhi railway station.

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