Nagapattinam, Apr 30 UNI | 3 months ago

The 85th anniversary of the Salt Sathyagraha was observed at Agasthiyanpalli near Vedharanyam in Nagapttinam distict of Tamilnadu today and paid homage to the departed freedom fighters, and collected salt from the sea nearby.

During the British rule in 1930, the freedom fighters staged the salt sathyagraha demonstration at Vedharanyam, against the British rulers. The anniversary of this historical event is being observe every year.

As part of the anniversary,a group of freedom fighters, Congressmen and others placed a wreath on the memorial of salat sathyagraha agitation at Agasthiyanpalli and collected salt.

Among others A Vedharathinam, grandson of late Freedom fighter and convicted for salt Sathyagraha agitation against the British rulers, Sardar Vedharathinam, social worker Mrs Velammal Achi, Director of M S Swaminathan research centre, Selvam, Gandhiyan activist Sasiperumal, freedom fighter Sakthi Selva Ganapathy and others participated.

A group of persons of Tiruchirapalli, who commenced their padayatra to commemorate the anniversary at Tiruchirapalli a couple of days back, also participated in the anniversary.

(Posted on 30-04-2014)