New Delhi, Apr 25 UNI | 3 months ago

Responding to criticism that the unprecedented crowds at Varanasi to witness BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi's filing of nomination papers on Thursday was an event organised by the BJP, leader of Opposition Arun Jaitley today said such unprecedented crowds could never be a€˜organized but have to be self inspired'.

In an obvious rebuttal to BSP supremo Mayawati's allegations that the surging crowds at Varanasi were actually from neighbouring Bihar, Mr Jaitley who is locked in contest for Amritsar Lok Sabha seat said only political workers could be persuaded to join the support bandwagons. "However when crowds arrive in such mind boggling strength, there is always an element of spontaneity", he wrote in his blog.

About the comment of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's comments suggesting that there was no Modi wave in the country and it was media generated phenomena, Mr Jaitley said," Mr Modi had addressed over 400 rallies across India and the attendance at the rallies was unprecedented. Dr Singh may be myopic not able to see a 'Modi wave' but is it that he sees it but can't admit it? ".

Mr Jaitley, also the Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha said Modi's ability to set the agenda for good governance and stick to the agenda despite provocation is clearly demonstrable. Northern, Central and Western India has seen a sizeable BJP support base.

He said there was an enormous amount of goodwill for Mr Modi even in Eastern and Southern parts leading to a significant increase in the BJP vote.

The Gandhis in comparison were 'all at sea' and for the first time where leaders of an outgoing government were carrying on a 'campaign of negativity' instead of highlighting their own achievements.

The Gandhis, Mr Jaitley alleged, were busy attacking the incumbent. It was a rare occasion in history that a ruling party hides its failure by blaming the opposition and this desperate tactic could not sell.

Stating that Mr Modi has become a symbol of hope for an anguished India looking for a solution, it was the reactions of Opposition that had strengthened the desire of the country to elect Modi as its PM. The 'acid tongued' Congress leaders were helplessly watching the situation trading rude and discourteous phrases against Mr Modi.

(Posted on 26-04-2014)