Bangalore, Apr 22 UNI | 3 months ago

Power starved Karnataka state will not face power shortage this summer as availability against demand is in surplus, Minister for Energy D K Shivakumar today said.

Speaking to reporters here, he said the state had purchased 650 MW of power in March from private producers who had also committed to supply power till the summer ends in May.

'We have sufficient water storage to feed hydroelectric power stations across the state for 70 days before which the rains should arrive. So there will be no load shedding for the same period and by then we will see the arrival of South-West Monsoon,' he added.

He said while the current availability of power from all sources was 202 million units, the actual consumption was just 168 mu.

Though there was increase in consumption of power in urban areas due to summer, in rural areas it is less, he said.

Karnataka had faced constant power shortage for many years but the BJP and Congress Governments during last few years have extensively tapped supply private power producers while the alternative energy production like solar and wind energy had also seen an upward trend.

'We are now producing 450 MW of wind energy,' Mr

Shivakumar said. Earlier in the day, he held a meeting with top officials of the energy department.

'Now we are supplying 24 hours power in urban areas and 18 hours in rural segment, including 7 hours of three phase energy supply. It is a happy situation that there is no load shedding anywhere in Karnataka. If there is any power shut down, it is only due to technical reasons,' he said.

On the recent decision of electricity companies to effect power tariff hike,the Minister claimed that the ESCOMS operated independently and the State government did not have any 'hand' in increase of the tariff as Karnataka Electricity Regulation Board is the authority to decide on the tariff.

Mr Shivakumar said the Karnataka Government was committed to implementing the Mekedatu 'run of the river' power project across Cauvery and the project will be safeguarded. Similar project in Shivanasamaudram will also be implemented and the detailed project report was ready, he added.

(Posted on 22-04-2014)