Srinagar, Apr 22 UNI | 3 months ago

Alleging that Election Commission (EC) was practicing double standards in Jammu and Kashmir, main opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) said the EC has turned a blind eye to the loss of innocent lives in Kashmir.

PDP president Mehbooba Mufti alleged that there was stark difference between the approach adopted by the EC on complaints it received from J and K and rest of the country.

She said the double-standards of EC could vitiate the election scenario further.

She said it was disappointing that EC has maintained complete silence and turned a blind eye to the loss of innocent lives in Kashmir and promotion of violence by the NC leadership, whereas it has promptly and effectively intervened in other states over much milder events.

The attitude of EC is adding to the odds against the opposition parties inherent in the situation, deliberately destabilised by NC for its electoral gains, she alleged.

Addressing wayside public meetings in Anantnag Parliamentary constituency from where she is seeking mandate, Ms Mufti strongly condemned the serial attacks on innocent civilians in Tral area of district Pulwama.

She said the dance of death is timed only to benefit the ruling NC in the elections as that party is the sole beneficiary of poll boycott.

Ms Mufti said NC is looking at boycott as the only way to prevent its rout as it has failed the state on every front from the hanging of Afzal Guru to non-availability of rations.

She said the cold blooded murder of Ghulam Nabi Mir, Firdous Ahmad Mir and Mohammad Anwar last evening represents another failure of Omar Abdullah government, which instead of providing an atmosphere of security, is contributing to creation of scare to keep voters away from polling booths.

She expressed deep grief at the loss of innocent lives and conveyed her heartfelt sympathies to their families.

Every innocent killing in Kashmir is rooted in NC's original sin of rigging 1987 elections, which they are now trying to reenact through poll boycott and as long as this party is a stakeholder in power, misfortune and misery would continue to visit J and K, she alleged.

Ms Mufti said after having presided over five and a half years of disastrous governance, the Omar Abdullah government sees its only chance in enforcing boycott so it could click to power by default as it had been able to do so last time.

She said voters know well that NC wants to perpetuate instability and for that, it has been promoting violence as a tool of survival and appealed them to vote for her party and give it a chance to work for changing the destiny of the state.

The PDP president said her party's only objective in seeking people's mandate is to undo the damage that NC has done to the state in the last eight decades.

As long as this party remains in power, people of this state will remain at risk of being hanged, shot, disabled, arrested, victimized and disempowered, she alleged.

The only way to end bad governance, corruption and denial of justice is to vote out NC in this election as that will set the stage for a total change later in the Assembly elections.

Ms Mufti said PDP is not seeking votes in Parliament election for opportunistic alliances like NC, whose only aim is to get ministerial berths for Abdullah family members.

"We will raise the voice for people of Kashmir who have been victimised for too long and deprived of justice and even right to life under the NC domination, not to speak of other rights.

"We would engage every party in seeking solution to our problems as Mr Mufti Mohammad Sayeed (PDP patron) did after 2002 by striking an alliance with Congress for government formation and without compromising on principles and involved NDA in the biggest post-independence initiative on Kashmir."

Ms Mufti said neither Union Minister Farooq Abdullah's presence in the Union Cabinet as benefitted the state, nor have the 10 coalition MPs from the state ever leveraged themselves as a group to "fight for our interests".

The MP from Anantnag spent most of his time and energies in the last 10 years defending Mr Abdullah's atrocities on TV channels and is now promising to take up Pathribal in Parliament, when he knows he is on his way out, she alleged.

Except for providing political cover to hanging of Afzal Guru, maintaining silence on the murder of Kashmir youth, parting with more natural resources and J and K Bank, what has this group of worthies achieved in five years to seek votes again, she asked.

(Posted on 22-04-2014)