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Now a mobile apps for smart cooking

Posted on Apr 21 2014 | IBNS

Recipe India Apps TV on you mobile loaded with 10,000 Indian recipes will let you cook any dish you can think of. Anuradha Dutta reports on the mobile way to a culinary free zone

"The way to a man's heart goes through his stomach." Sounds sexist, cliched? But ask the clan called "mother-in-law" and they would vouch for it. The way to a mother-in-law or even a daughter-in-law's heart can be good food too.

A woman's culinary skills can actually come to her rescue if she is looking to smoothen a rough patch in a relationship or trying to give a relationship that "yummy" beginning.

If you have watched or read "Two States" you can easily recollect Ananya Swaminathan's plight. Holding an MBA from IIM was just not enough to impress her mother-in law to be.On second thoughts, a good cook whether a man or a woman has a better chance of impressing partner and people. Well, who on earth doesn't like to have good food.

We have something called technology to provide us an instant remedy for almost everything, and if you hold an Android enabled phone you almost have a "genie" called Android Application at hand. There are thousands of Apps for different purposes, almost one for every need, right from paying your bills to getting directions to an unfamiliar part of town.

But now comes Recipe India Apps TV loaded with 10,000 Indian recipes that will let you cook any Indian dish you can think of. This app provides recipe videos, giving a full view of the cooking process, and is a one-stop target for recipe, lists of ingredients, and cooking tips. Users would just need to download the app and type the cuisine or name of the dish they want to try to access the video.

The app has been conceptualized by Kolkata's well-known Chef Pradip Rosario. It features many of his signature recipes and going by the apps downloading statistic of India, it can be very popular.

There were 92.88 billion apps downloaded in 2013, worldwide. In 2012, global mobile app revenues amounted to USD 18.56 bn, and this market is expected to ride an upward trend to reach USD 76.52 bn in 2017. India, in particular, is considered to have one of the largest app developer communities.

Whether you are a complete novice or a seasoned cook, this app is for everyone.For college students who are living away from home and surviving on instant noodles, for hardworking executives who have no time to cook anything fancy, for the food enthusiasts who like trying out new dishes.

Michelle Mendes, who works with an MNC in Kolkata's Sector V, says," My cooking is really bad, as I never got to learn it. Now I think I have some hope, not only to cook a decent meal, but try on recipes other than those cooked at my home."

While there is a surge in the number of restaurants that serve exclusive Thai, Japanese, Lebanese and other foreign cuisines in the country, there is little knowledge among Indians about the varieties that exist in Indian food. "Take South Indian food for instance. Most people are acquainted with idli, dosa, vada. The non-veg version of the cuisine which has everything from Biriyani to Korma with prawn, crab, chicken pork and beef, is little known," says chef Rozario.

Recipe India Apps TV shows a promise to popularise the lesser known regional recipes among fellow Indian and international fraternity. There is a hope for the restoration of grandma's recipes back to the dining tables.

Now imagine a situation, if Ananya Swaminathan had the app all she had to do was to get the ingredients ready, keep her spatula in one hand, her smartphone in the other, and have a cake walk through the alu gobhi, black dal, bhindi , raita and salad in Punjabi style. Indeed an appy way to please boyfriend's mother.

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