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"Rahul can't handle Amethi, how will he run the nation"

Posted on Apr 21 2014 | IBNS

Bishrampur, Apr 20 : Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)'s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Sunday slammed Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi and said he wondered how the MP from Amethi could handle the nation if he could not look after his own constituency.

Attacking Rahul Gandhi by referring to his mother Sonia Gandhi's remarks at a rally earlier, Modi said: " Yesterday, madam Soniaji went to Amethi. I was surprised by hearing her speech as she told the people in Amethi to take care of her son."

" We are told that he will take care of the country. Tell me, is there any logic in this? In case he is unable to handle Amethi then how can he handle the nation," Modi said while addressing a rally in Chhattisgarh.
Sonia Gandhi earlier told the people of Amethi to ensure his son's victory in ongoing Lok Sbha polls.

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