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Like to dress well, am god-gifted in mixing colours: Modi

Posted on Apr 12 2014 | IANS

New Delhi, April 12 : BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi confesses he likes to dress up well, is "god-gifted" in the way of mixing and matching colours and is happy at compliments on his dressing sense.

Modi, in an appearance on "Aap Ki Adalat" programme on India TV channel, also reveals that he left home when he was very young and wandered around the country for around 45 years of which he spent "over 40 years begging for food".

"Yes, I like to dress up well and stay clean. God has gifted me the sense of mixing and matching colors. So I manage everything on my own. Since I'm god-gifted, I fit well in everything. I have no fashion designer but I'm happy to hear that I dress well."

Dwelling on the struggles he had faced in his earlier years, Modi said: "I left my house when I was very young. I could fit all my belongings in a small bundle. I kept kept wandering for 40 to 45 years and I spent over 40 years begging for food."

On his preference for wearing short-sleeved kurtas, which have caught on, Modi said: "I had to wash my own clothes. So I thought my shirt occupied too much effort in washing and space too. I cut the sleeves myself. So my shirt became half-sleeved. I have been wearing such clothes for over 25 years."

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