Itanagar, Apr 12 UNI | 4 months ago

Sangken festival, the most popular festival of Theravada sect follower of Buddhist community will be celebrated at Itanagar from April 14.

Theravada Buddhist Temple at Vivek Vihar, here is given a facelift to celebrate the festival.

As per the lunar calendar, the festival will begin from 1000 hours with installation of Buddha images in makeshift temple for ceremonial bathing and reinstall to main temple on April 16, according to Theravada Buddhist Society general secretary Chau Dhanya Mungyak.

Sanken is an occasion to earn merit, share happiness and make merry making. People of different age visit temple to offer prayer, take five precept to refrain from taking intoxicating drinks, stealing, lying, killing and indulgence illicit sexual activities give alms to monks and take part in ceremonial bathing of Buddha images.

The young and children sprinkle water on each other. In whole Sangken is an occasion to do wholesome work for well-being of all sentient being, peace and prosperity of all and earn merit, Mr Mungyak added.

(Posted on 12-04-2014)