Bellary, Karnataka, Apr 4 UNI | 4 months ago

AICC vice-president Rahul Gandhi today said the BJP was taking the people for a ride posing as a crusader against corruption.

While secretly giving 'green signal' to corrupt leaders of the party to commit scams and become rich, it leaves the poor and downtrodden to fend for themselves.

'BJP has no moral right to speak against Congress, alleging corruption at the Centre, when there are many corrupt leaders having a freeway in the state ruled by it,' he said.

Speaking at a well attended public meeting in this mining hub of the Karnataka, Mr Gandhi said even if BJP Chief Ministers (B S Yeddyurappa) go to jail on graft charges and the Reddy brothers make Bellary their kingdom looting the natural resources under the nose of central BJP leaders, the bigwigs see nothing.

"I am relieved and tell the people of Bellary that these corrupt leaders and scamsters have reached their designated places. The BJP leaders, who ushered tyranny in Bellary are in jail and they will not come out for now and people are now free," he said, referring to the reign of jailed mining baron and former minister G Janardhana Reddy who has stayed in judicial custody for nearly three years.

Congress, which ruled the country successfully under UPA, had been successful as the government worked for the poor and represented the suppressed class, Mr Gandhi said.

"BJP wears the mask of a fighter against corruption and accuses the Congress-led governments, but give it a green flag in the states it rules like Madhya Pradesh Chattisgarh and earlier in Karnataka. This party is blind towards this, it cannot see anything wrong going on in its own ruled states,' he alleged.

Congress party stands for the poor and runs the government for the poor. The party's governments stand for the oppressed class and empower them. "Mine is a poor man's party. Whenever we talk of development and social expansion, we keep poor at heart. BJP leaders are only bothered about their personal development and the elected representatives leave the poor at lurch and begin their personal development once elected," he alleged.

(Posted on 04-04-2014)