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Congress keeps fooling people: Modi

Posted on Apr 01 2014 | IBNS

Bareilly, Apr 1 : Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)'s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Tuesday slammed the Congress and said the party fools people round the year.

Addressing an election rally at Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh, Modi said: "For Congress all 365 days are April Fool. They keep talking of poor before elections and their leader say poverty is a state of mind."

"Sitting in AC rooms they make schemes to run the nation from Delhi but things remain the same. The government needs to hear common people," he said.

"In the last ten years what is the change that has come in your lives? Do you see the spirit of Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan in the UPA? Soldiers are getting killed by terrorists," said Modi.

"The farmer does not feel his future is secure and that is why farmers are committing suicide. The Supreme Court said give grains to the poor. The government refused to comply with the orders. Is this your commitment to poor?" he asked.

Hitting out at the recently unveiled Congress manifesto, Modi said: "The Congress released a Dhokha Patra (manifesto of cheating). It was not a Ghoshna Patra (election manifesto) but a Dhokha Patra."

He called upon the people to choose a person who will serve them, not someone who will rule over them.

"For 60 years you chose Shasaks.(rulers) You have seen what they did. It is upto you to decide. Now, people need a Sevak (servant), not Shasak," said Modi.

He said the Congress thought it could crush him, but in vain,

"When I was declared the PM candidate, the Congress was celebrating. They said 'We will crush him'. But what has happened now? They said BJP won't get allies, many will leave. But across the nation new friends have joined us," he said.

Batting for a stable government, Modi said: "Our nation can't get an unstable government. The issue here is not whether BJP wins or Modi becomes something. This is about the nation. India needs a stable government."

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