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Poll panel to watch out for 'dummy' candidates

Posted on Mar 27 2014 | IANS

Gurgaon, March 27 : If any candidate in the Lok Sabha polls acts as a 'dummy' and campaigns for another aspirant, action under the Indian Penal Code will be initiated against the dummy, an election official said Thursday.

Gurgaon Deputy Commissioner Shekhar Vidyarthi, who is also the returning officer, said that if the vehicle permitted for the campaign of a candidate is found carrying election material of another candidate, he can be termed a "dummy candidate" and a case will be lodged against him.

If anyone notices such a candidate, he or she should inform the concerned assistant returning officer so that action can be taken accordingly, he said.

A notice will be issued to such dummy candidates and also the one in whose favour he was found to be working.

Vidyarthi said that though there is no mention of 'dummy candidate' in the electoral law, yet such candidates are "set up" for using vehicles, more than the number allowed by the poll panel.

Permission for vehicles is taken in the name of the dummy candidate but is actually used for the campaign of some other candidate in order to hide the expenditure.

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