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Consult this app doctor!

Posted on Mar 22 2014 | IANS

New York, March 22 : Tired of tracking various fitness metrics on your own? Soon, a comprehensive app would track your health and fitness levels in a great detail.

Reported to be part of Apple's next iPhone, Healthbook would not only track things like how much exercise and sleep you are getting but also your blood pressure, blood sugar levels and much more.

The app can make your heart rate data more powerful by looking at how fluctuations in your sleep affect it.

It can show the immediate and long-terms effects exercise has on your blood pressure, said a report on 9to5mac website.

It would take information and make it actionable, delivering meaning rather than just a number.

"The best part of this app is that this would not just help us understand what things mean but also give us the tools to act - instead of just numbers," the report added.

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