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This app takes your wardrobe online

Posted on Mar 18 2014 | IANS

New York, March 18 : Those who are lost in the crazy world of online shopping, here comes an app that lets you compare clothes in your wardrobe with similar items online - so you do not need to return online purchases owing to a poor fit!

'Virtusize' App is an online wardrobe that stores measurements of clothes.

This free Swedish shopping app directly compares clothes in your wardrobe that you know fit, with similar items online.

Websites that have the Virtusize app enable customers to select an item and click the Virtusize button.

This opens the virtual wardrobe and lets users lay the chosen item of clothing on top of existing items to see a direct comparison.

It shows how the length of the arms compare, where the waistline is measured, and the bust size, for example.

To add existing items from your wardrobe to the app, take a tape and measure the garments at as many points as possible.

These measurements are then stored online.

Each time a similar item is selected in an online store, shoppers can pull their existing items - and measurements - straight from the virtual wardrobe.

Once an comparison has been made, shoppers can also flip through different sizes for that item without leaving the app.

By comparing garments, shoppers can be confident in how a new garment would fit their customers.

"'Virtusize' enables shoppers to visually compare the fit of clothing they already own and love with clothing they wish to buy," company officials were quoted as saying.

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