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Opposition represents minority: Ousted Ukraine president

Posted on Feb 28 2014 | IANS

Moscow, Feb 28 : Ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych emerged Friday in a border town of Russia after hiding for a week, saying the opposition represents a minority of the population.

Yanukovych, accompanied by several bodyguards, arrived at an exhibition centre in Rostov-on-Don around 5:09 p.m. in his first public appearance since he was sacked by opposition-held Ukrainian parliament Saturday, Xinhua reported.

He said power in Ukraine has been seized by nationalists "who represent absolutely minority of the population".

"Fight for the future of Ukraine against those who terrorise it will be continued," he said.

The ousted president also noted that the Ukrainian opposition had violated the agreement on constitutional reform signed Feb 21.

"Outcome of the crisis will be difficult as a result of irresponsible Western policy of supporting Maiden (the Independence Square). But we'll overcome," he said.

Yanukovych, accused of mass murder of protestors in Kiev, is wanted by the new government which said it would ask Moscow to extradite him if he was in Russia.

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