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Inspiring journeys, countless stories (Books This Weekend)

Posted on Feb 14 2014 | IANS

Insatiable ambition, indomitable courage, political frankness and an adman's curiosity - the IANS bookshelf this weekend has an envious collection for its readers. Take a look.

1. Book: For God's Sake; Author: Ambi Parameswaran; Publisher: Portfolio Penguin; Pages: 258; Price: Rs. 499

An adman consistently strives to connect market research data to insights to come up with a winning campaign. The author combines his 35-year experience as an adman with a lifelong passion for religious studies to answer questions like: Are Indians becoming more religious and have more consumption drive at the same time? Why has the bindi disappeared from advertisements? What makes Lord Shiva so cool?

This book is filled with personal stories, anecdotes, lessons and excerpts from research and other publications. This book is a treat for anyone interested in how religion has evolved and how clever marketers have ridden the wave by tailoring their products and services.

2. Book: Maverick Unchanged, Unrepentant; Author: Ram Jethmalani; Publisher: Rainlight Rupa; Pages: 274; Price: Rs.495

This book is a compilation of the author's insights into the state of Indian politics today, expressed with clarity and frankness, laying bare the cover-ups and deceptions that have come to plague India's body politics. Some of the burning issues discussed are black money, governance, corruption, Kashmir, China, Pakistan, fundamentalism and the rise of terror.

3. Book: The Essential Ved Mehta; A collection of Ved Mehta's stories; Publisher: Hamish Hamilton; Pages: 390; Price: Rs. 599

This is a collection of the author's work with excerpts from nearly all his writings. It begins with his first book, the classic autobiography highlighting his blindness, and goes on to feature, among others, his iconic books about India and his great family saga.

Each work comes with a reflection by the author. Authoritative and illuminating, it is not just an introduction to this seminal writer but also a passionate record of a writer looking back upon his own work.

4. Book: The Inspiring Journey Of A Hero; Author: Priya Kumar; Publisher: Portfolio Penguin; Pages: 172; Price: Rs. 399

O.P. Munjal started Hero Cycles in 1956, fuelled by meagre resources and an insatiable ambition. His vision was to create an inexpensive and effective mode of transportation for a post-Independence nation on the move. The rest, as they say, is history: Hero Cycles went on to become the world's largest bicycle

The book chronicles the life of O.P.Munjal through anecdotes from his professional and personal life. He proved that a people-focussed management style could be superior to the process-drive systems of the West.

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