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Porn not an addiction, increases pleasure: Study

Posted on Feb 13 2014 | IANS

New York, Feb 13 : There is no such thing as porn addiction and those who say it actually ignore the positive benefits it holds, shows research.

New study has found very little scientific data - if any at all - to support some of the purported negative side effects of porn 'addiction'.

"There was no sign that use of pornography is connected to erectile dysfunction or that it causes any changes to the brains of users," explained David Ley, a clinical psychologist and executive director of New Mexico Solutions - a large behavioural health programme.

Despite the furore, the use of sexually explicit material explains very little of the variance in adolescents' behaviours, he added.

Slapping such labels onto the habit of frequently viewing images of a sexual nature only describes it as a form of pathology.

According to researchers, it can improve attitudes towards sexuality, increase the quality of life and variety of sexual behaviours and increase pleasure in long-term relationships.

"It provides a legal outlet for illegal sexual behaviours or desires, and its consumption or availability has been associated with a decrease in sex offenses, especially child molestation," observed Ley.

"We need better methods to help people who struggle with the high frequency use of visual sexual stimuli, without pathologising them or their use thereof," wrote Ley.

"The 'porn addiction' concept seems to feed an industry with secondary gain from the acceptance of the idea," he noted in a study published in Springer's journal Current Sexual Health Reports.

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