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Google revamps Gmail app, now supports Yahoo, Outlook

Washington, Oct 21 : Google has revamped its Gmail app for Android, and it will now support Yahoo, and Outlook accounts.

'Ham radio can counter dark side of social networking'

Kolkata, Oct 21 : Amateur or ham radio can counter the negative effects of social networking by providing a safer and alternative route for making friends worldwide, according to a licensed ham operator based in West Bengal.

Why internet goes to 'sleep' in parts of the world

Washington, Oct 21 : Do you know why internet is always up and running in the US and Europe while people suffer many outages over the course of the day in Asia, South America and Eastern Europe?

Microsoft set to jump into smartwatch tussle: Report

Washington, Oct 20 : Tech giant Microsoft is reportedly set to release a smartwatch of its own within weeks, joining Apple, Samsung and others in the smartwatch race.

Twitter set to launch tools for app developers

Washington, Oct 20 : Microblogging site Twitter is likely to announce a number of tools at a conference Wednesday to make it easier for programmers to build apps, according to media reports.

Stop creating fake profiles to nab criminals: Facebook

New York, Oct 20 : Social networking site Facebook has asked the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to desist from creating fake profiles to nab criminals.

Google set to roll new update to fight most infamous pirate websites

Washington, Oct 18 : Search engine giant Google is reportedly set to roll out a new stricter update to fight against the most notorious pirate sites next week.

Microsoft CEO takes another step to amend 'sexist' comment against women

Washington, Oct 18 : Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is still trying to amend his sexist comment that women should not be asking for raise, but should be having faith in the system.

Project to scan 'social pollution' on Twitter

New York, Oct 18 : Researchers at the Indiana University in the US are working on an ambitious project to collect and analyse 'social pollution' that is spreading on social media like Twitter.

Google offers artificial personal assistant for users ready to give up personal info

Washington, Oct 17 : Tech giant Google has said that it can create an artificial personal assistant for users, if they agree to give up more and more of your personal information

Apple has no plans to introduce Touch-screen Macs, says Craig Federighi

Washington, Oct 17 : Apple senior vice president of software engineering, Craig Federighi said that introducing Macbooks with touch screens is something Apple has no plans to do.

Facebook may become top video sharing site: Report

New York, Oct 17 : Videos on Facebook are fast catching up with YouTube in terms of number of shares and the social networking site may overtake YouTube in video sharing through its news feed soon, say researchers.

Now, listen to music on Twitter

New York, Oct 17 : The micro-blogging site Twitter has added a new feature to allow its users to listen music directly from the twitter stream on mobile devices.

Google set to release new Android version 5.0 'Lollipop'

Washington, Oct 16 : Google is set to release the latest Android version "number 5.0"code-named Lollipop.

Google unveils set-top box, tablet, smartphone featuring Android Lollipop

London, Oct 16 : Google has reportedly announced three new Nexus-branded devices, designed especially to showcase its new Operating Software called Android Lollipop.

Google to offer first sneak peak of newest Nexus 6 phone, Nexus 9 tablet, Android L

Washington, Oct 15 : Tech giant Google is reportedly set to give a sneak peak of its newest flagships Nexus 6 Phone, Nexus 9 tablet and the finished version of Android L to the world on Wednesday.

Microsoft rolls out Windows, IE, Office update to fix two dozen vulnerabilities

Washington, Oct 15 : Microsoft has rolled out eight security bulletins to fix two dozen vulnerabilities as part of its October edition of Patch Tuesday.

Google uncovers vulnerability in SSL web encryption technology

Washington, Oct 15 : Three Google researchers have reportedly discovered a security bug in widely used web encryption technology that can be used by hackers to take over email accounts, banking accounts and other services.

Soon, computers may be built from magnetic 'tornadoes'

Washington, Oct 15 : A new study has revealed that magnetic 'tornadoes' may play a key role in building up computers in the future.

Now, Facebook stickers can be used in wall posts, comments, events

Washington, Oct 14 : Facebook's famous stickers which have been a hit in the Messenger app, personal chats and group messages, can now be used in wall posts, comments and events.

Samsung's new 5 times faster Wi-Fi will allow HD-movie download in 3 sec flat

Washington, Oct 14 : Tech giant Samsung has created a new Wi-Fi standard that is five times faster than the current technology, and can transfer 1GB in just 3 seconds.

Google testing patient-doctor video chat service

Washington, Oct 13 : Google is testing a new service which connects people with medical conditions to doctors over video chat.

User history to make websites more interactive

New York, Oct 12 : Small cues that display a user's transaction history may help a website feel almost as interactive as chatting with an online customer service agent, paving the way for more cost-effective websites, a research found.

Hackers put nude 'Snapchat' images online

Washington, Oct 11 : After the iCloud nude pics scandal, hackers have now leaked nude 'Snapchat' images, with threats to upload more.

Google receives more than 144,000 'right to be forgotten' requests

Washington, Oct 11 : Google in its latest Transparency report revealed that it received more than 144,000 'right to be forgotten' request since the process began on May 29 in Europe.

Security vendor Symantec splits into two separate companies

Washington, Oct 10 : Security vendor Symantec has announced that it will be splitting into two separate companies.

Microsoft announces Skype update for Windows, Mac

Washington, Oct 10 : Microsoft has reportedly updated Skype for Windows and Mac desktops.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella apologizes for remarks on women

New York, Oct 10 : Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella apologized on Thursday night for his comment about women at an event in Phoenix after he was blasted on Twitter and blog posts.

Google celebrates R K Narayan's 108th b'day with Doodle

New Delhi, Oct 10 : Google has given a tribute to R K Narayan on author's 108th birthday with their Doodle.

Instagram more popular among teenagers than Facebook, Twitter: Study

Washington, Oct 9 : A new survey by an investment bank and asset management firm, Piper Jaffray, revealed that 9 out of 10 American teenagers use social media and consider Instagram as the most popular site.

McAfee promotes online voting, fears security risks

Washington, Oct 9 : The world's largest dedicated security technology company, McAfee believes that The U.S and other nations should consider online voting to facilitate disabled, older people, but sees internet security as a big hurdle.

Google releases new customizable, detailed 'News & Weather' app for iOS

Washington, Oct 9 : Tech giant Google has recently released a new 'News and Weather' app for Apple iOS.

Facebook may launch app for sharing posts anonymously

New York, Oct 8 : Facebook is reportedly working to launch an app that gives users an option to share posts anonymously with one another.

Facebook now officially owns Whatsapp

Washington, Oct 7 : Facebook recently announced the closing of the Whatsapp deal for a whopping 21.8 billion dollars, which means the social media website now officially owns Whatsapp.

Facebook most popular for social login among youngsters

Toronto, Oct 7 : Youngsters are not only login to Facebook to connect with their friends and loves ones but to visit other sites providing e-commerce services or just social sign-in, a study has found.

Facebook to go after spammers promising 'fake likes'

New York, Oct 7 : If you want to promote your brand on social media like Facebook, be extra cautious about offers that promise to get millions of "likes" on your Facebook page.

Now, Google Glass app that provides captions for hard-of-hearing users

Washington, Oct 06 : Researchers have recently developed an app that provides captions for hard-of-hearing users, it has been reported.

Twitter grants MIT access to every public tweet to extract insights on societal problems

Washington, Oct 6 : Social micro blogging website Twitter has given full access to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers to go through every single tweet to try and glean some insights from those tweets.

Sharing extraordinary experiences on social media could leave us feeling worse

Washington, Oct 6 : A new study has revealed that sharing extraordinary experiences might come at a social cost as it may leave one feeling worse.

HP plans to separate PC business from corporate operations: Report

Washington, Oct 6 : The world's second-largest PC vendor, Hewlett-Packard is reportedly planning to separate its computer and printer business from its corporate hardware and services operations.

New system to revolutionize internet users' privacy during web surfing

Washington, Oct 6 : Researchers have developed a new system that protects Internet users' privacy whilst increasing the flexibility for web developers to build web applications that combine data from different web sites, dramatically improving the safety of surfing the web.

Google pays tribute to Thor Heyerdahl with Doodle

London, Oct 6 : Google has paid tribute to adventurer Thor Heyerdahl with a doodle depicting his 1947 Kon Tiki expedition.

Break-ups can shoo away your Twitter followers

London, Oct 6 : If you have gone through break-up woes recently, be ready to lose your twitter followers too.

New web privacy system, the key to safe browsing

London, Oct 6 : Researchers have built a new system that protects internet users' privacy while increasing the flexibility for web developers to build web applications that combine data from different web sites, dramatically improving the safety of surfing the web.

Now, no need to login, signup on Microsoft to read 'encrypted emails'

Washington, Oct 5 : Microsoft's encryption mails would be easier to read now, as the company announced that now users who don't have a Microsoft account, or who have one but aren't logged into it, can view their encrypted message using a one-time passcode that Microsoft will send to them via email.

Spammers beware, Facebook reports suing spammers for total 2bln dollars

Washington, Oct 5 : Social media giant Facebook has reportedly obtained a whopping total of 2 billion dollars in legal judgments against spammers trying to take advantage of the website.

Google mulling displays that can combine to create giant screen TV: Report

Washington, Oct 5 : Tech giant Google is reportedly developing a new display that can connect with other displays to create one giant screen.

Microsoft says much work remains to be done despite increase in number of women staff

Washington, Oct 04 : Microsoft has released diversity stats showing that it has increased the number of its women staff, but says that there's still much work to be done.

Yahoo keen to invest in messaging app Snapchat

Washington, Oct 04 : Yahoo is reportedly planning to invest in the popular messaging app Snapchat that allows users to send messages that disappear after a few seconds after being opened.

How Facebook boosts self esteem

New York, Oct 3 : If you have had a bad day, chances are you might end up spending time on social networking sites like Facebook with people who are worse off, says a study.

Facebook issues apology to drag queens over 'real-name' policy

London, Oct 02 : Facebook has reportedly issued an apology to drag queens over its "real-name" policy that required them to use their legal names on the social networking site.

Why Microsoft named it Windows 10?

Washington, Oct 02 : After Microsoft unveiled and showed off a brief demo of their brand new operating system, Windows 10, in San Francisco on Tuesday, speculations were rife on why the company chose to skip a number and name Windows 8's successor as Windows 10.

Google ordered to halt 'abusive' data profiling

Washington, Oct 02 : Google has been ordered by a local data German Commissioner to overhaul illegal data profiling.

'Superhero' tribute to Gandhi

New Delhi, Oct 1 : Mahatma Gandhi has received a unique tribute from an online site. Touchtalent.com has come up with an exclusive range of paintings that depict Gandhi as a superhero, ahead of his birth anniversary Thursday.

Jimmy Kimmel is Most Dangerous Cyber Celebrity of 2014

New Delhi, Oct 1 : International comedian and host Jimmy Kimmel has topped the Most Dangerous Cyber Celebrity of 2014 list, released by computer security company McAfee.

Microsoft unveils Windows 10 with return of start menu

London, Oct 01 : Microsoft has unveiled the first details of the company's next operating system (OS), Windows 10 which comes with the return of the Start menu that had been removed from its earlier version.

PayPal to break apart from eBay into separate company

Washington, Oct 01 : PayPal is set to break apart from the online merchant eBay into a separate publically traded company.

Microsoft launches revamped MSN site ahead of next Windows OS release

Washington, Oct 01 : Microsoft has reportedly launched a completely redesigned MSN web portal right ahead of its scheduled Windows announcement.

HP launches low-cost Windows laptops, tablets

Washington, Sep 30 : HP is preparing to launch a 7-inch HP Stream 7 tablet and an 8-inch version for as less as 99 dollars and 149 dollars respectively.

Microsoft to set up cloud data centres in India

New Delhi, Sep 30 : Microsoft will offer its commercial cloud services -- Azure and Office 365 --by the end of 2015 from local data centres in India where the company sees a $2 trillion business opportunity.

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