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Microsoft may have 'inadvertently' announced its acquisition of email app Accompli

Washington, Nov 28 : A post published on Microsoft's official blog by corporate vice president Rajesh Jha may have inadvertently revealed that the company is acquiring email startup Accompli, a report said.

Twitter to track apps downloaded by users to deliver tailored content

Washington, Nov 27 : Social networking site Twitter is reportedly planning to track apps downloaded by its users to provide them with a "more personal" experience, by providing them with content of their interest.

Apple may replace Google by Bing, Yahoo as default search provider

Washington, Nov 26 : Google faces the risk of losing its spot as the default search provider for Apple's Safari browser next year, a report said.

Music video celebrating love of China's first couple goes viral online

Beijing, Nov 26 : A music video titled "Xi Dada Loves Peng Mama" that portrays the love story of Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan has taken the Internet by storm.

Social media pressuring moms to keep up with the Joneses

Washington, Nov 26 : A new research has revealed that 60 percent of moms feel pressure to appear well off on social media, which leads to financial insecurity.

Twitter's new mobile tool lets you see analytics inside your tweets

Washington, Nov 26 : A new tool on Twitter's mobile app 'View Analytics Details' now allows users to see the analytics inside their tweets to know if they are doing any good.

Facebook toppled by Tumblr as fastest growing social platform: GWI

Washington, Nov 26 : Facebook, with its 1.35 million-strong user base, is although the world's largest social network by some margin but when it comes to attracting new users, Tumblr has overtaken it as the fastest growing social platform by recording a growth of 120 percent in six months. Facebook, on the other hand, grew at only two percent during this period.

Samsung unveils 'eye-tracking mouse' for people with disabilities

Washington, Nov 26 : Samsung has recently unveiled an eye-tracking mouse, dubbed as EYECAN+, which allows people with disabilities to control their computers with a blink of an eye.

U.S. critical of EU's proposal to split Google

Washington, Nov 26 : The United Sates has opposed the European Parliament's proposal to split Google's search engine from the rest of its business.

Money transactions via Bitcoin not safe

London, Nov 26 : Researchers have shown that money transactions via Bitcoin network do not protect user's IP address and it can be linked to the user's transactions in real-time.

67 percent people across globe prefer watching videos on mobiles: Survey

New Delhi, Nov 25 : A new survey has revealed that 67 percent people across the globe prefer mobile as their primary platform for watching movies, music videos, and TV shows.

Twitter CFO's 'erroneous tweet' stokes speculations about potential acquisition

Washington, Nov 25 : Twitter finance chief Anthony Noto has stoked speculations by erroneously tweeting a message that he intended to send privately. The message talks about a potential acquisition by Twitter.

Intel, McAfee to replace PC passwords with biometric authentication system

Washington, Nov 25 : Intel and McAfee are reportedly planning to replace computer passwords with a new biometric authentication system.

Microsoft to add Skype-powered group chats to Office Online

Washington, Nov 25 : Office Online users will soon be able to start a chat while using Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word.

Social Media overload adversely affecting people lives

Washington, Nov 25 : A new study has claimed that domination of social media is to be blamed for reasons why people don't feel free to live their lives as they wish.

Microsoft to match NT kernel with OS versions in Windows 10

Washington, Nov 25 : Windows is going to fix an old quirk that created a discrepancy between the Windows NT kernel and the operating software version number for years, with the release of Windows 10.

Facebook launches new chatting application

Madrid, Nov 25 : Facebook launched Tuesday a new chatting application worldwide called "Rooms" which simulates traditional internet chatting rooms, enabling users to chat with strangers on specific topics.

Hidden computer virus found after six years

New York, Nov 25 : Computer security firm Symantec has discovered a hidden virus that has been spying on computers across the globe, including in India, for at least six years.

Symantec discovers 'most sophisticated' spying bug used by nations for cyber espionage

London, Nov 24 : A leading computer security company has said that it has discovered one of the most sophisticated pieces of malicious software ever seen that has been used against a range of targets around the world for six years.

Google Doodle marks 150th birthday of French artist Henri de Toulouse Lautrec

London, Nov 24 : Google has celebrated the 150th birth anniversary of French artist Henri de Toulouse Lautrec with its doodle.

Yahoo acquires photo app-maker company Cooliris

Washington, Nov 22 : Yahoo has acquired a startup photo app-maker company Cooliris that was initially known for creating 3D wall for navigating photos and other media content.

Game changer of programming- Coding Blocks

By Kanika Singhal, New Delhi, Nov. 22 : The software industry in India is touted as one growing by leaps and bounds, and one providing the highest number of jobs and decent to upscale salary packages.

Google offers ad blocker service for at least one dollar per month

Washington, Nov 22 : Google has started a new service 'Google Contributor' that blocks ads on users' favourite site for one, two or three dollars a month.

India one of fastest growing markets for Twitter

New Delhi, Nov 22 : With more and more people getting engaged with the micro-blogging website, India is turning out to be one of the fastest growing markets for the US-based Twitter, a top company official said here Saturday.

Ignore online security warnings at your own risk

New York, Nov 21 : People are their own worst enemies when it comes to online security, a study indicates.

Mozilla Firefox replaces default Google search engine with Yahoo

Wellington, Nov 20 : A report has said that Mozilla is replacing Google as the default search engine with Yahoo for users in the United States.

WeMail introduces voice messages to emails

Washington, Nov 19 : Email app WeMail will now allow users to record and send voice messages instead of text emails at up to 20 seconds each, a report said.

Twitter users can once again share URLs through direct messages

Washington, Nov 19 : Twitter users can now resume sharing URLs via the social network's DMs (direct messages).

Whatsapp's latest update provides 'fool-proof' security to users' conversations

Washington, Nov 19 : The most recent update to Whatsapp's Android app includes an end-to-end encryption that is enabled by default.

Facebook wants to be your new tech news hub

Washington, Nov 19 : In a bid to be people's tech news hub, Facebook has reportedly launched a new page that will surface only tech news on the users' timelines.

Micromax phones to now come with pre-installed Cyanogen software

Washington, Nov 19 : Android mod-maker Cyanogen has signed a new deal with Indian consumer electronics company Micromax following which Micromax phones will come with Cyanogen's software installed in them.

Facebook launches new app for 'Groups' for easy accessibility

Washington, Nov 19 : Facebook is launching a new application for the social networking site's already existing 'Groups' feature that provides a shortcut on smartphones for easy accessibility to Groups.

Intelligent software that enhances web searches

New York, Nov 19 : Researchers have created an artificial intelligence software that uses photos to zero in on documents from the internet with greater accuracy than ever before.

India's internet users to cross 300 million

New Delhi, Nov 19 : The number of internet users in India would reach 302 million by December 2014, registering a year-on-year growth of 32 percent over last year, a study said here Wednesday.

Facebook top choice for popular magazines to earn 'likes'

New York, Nov 19 : The social networking site Facebook is the first choice for popular magazine brands when it comes to attracting followers and garnering "likes", a new report has stated.

Search every tweet ever sent with new search engine

New York, Nov 19 : Micro-blogging site Twitter has launched a new powerful search engine that will help you search every tweet that has been sent in the past.

Under Satya Nadella Microsoft emerges as world's 2nd top firm

Washington, Nov 19 : Under the leadership of its new Indian-American CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft has overtaken oil giant Exxon Mobil to become the world's second most valuable company after iPhone maker Apple Inc.

Computer uses artificial intelligence to create magic tricks

Washington, Nov 18 : A team of researchers has taught a computer to create magic tricks with the assistance of artificial intelligence.

Apple releases iOS 8.1.1 to speed up old devices

Washington, Nov 18 : Apple has reportedly rolled out iOS 8.1.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod users with the promise that it will speed up its ageing devices iPad 2 and iPhone 4S.

Facebook preparing new website 'Facebook at Work' to compete with LinkedIn

Sydney, Nov 17 : Facebook is working on a new website called 'Facebook at Work' to compete with other sites like LinkedIn.

Facebook pics see most wanted fugitive sent to the slammer

Washington, Nov 17 : Cops have arrested a most wanted fugitive, who was absconding since 2003, in connection with murder on the Facebook pages of his family members and associates.

A new smartphone that can print selfies in seconds

London, Nov 17 : A French company has developed a brand new smartphone case that can print selfies from the phone itself in less than a minute.

'Facebook at Work' to boost productivity

New York, Nov 17 : In a bid to become an integral part of office life, the social networking site Facebook is reportedly working on a new version of its service to make your working hours more productive.

Intel unveils new chip for mobility healthcare delivery

Bengaluru, Nov 17 : World's largest chip maker Intel Corporation has unveiled a new sensing platform for enabling mobile-based healthcare delivery to masses.

Now, self-repairing software that fights back against malware

Washington, Nov 16 : New software has been recently developed that not only eradicates viruses and other malware but also automatically repair the damages caused by them.

Facebook to reduce number of promotional messages appearing in users' News Feed

Washington, Nov 15 : Facebook says that it aims to reduce the number of promotional messages appearing in users' News Feed.

Microsoft announces browser based Skype version

Washington, Nov 15 : Microsoft has announced a browser based version of Skype that will allow users to make audio and video Skype calls on any system.

First person jailed for WhatsApp 'revenge porn' in UK

London, Nov 15 : A UK-based man has reportedly become the first person jailed for posting revenge porn online in Britain.

Some Facebook ads selling fake luxury items: Study

New York, Nov 15 : A new study has found that some advertisements promoting fashion and luxury items on Facebook may be fake.

How social media affects work performance revealed

Washington, Nov 14 : A new study has revealed that personal use of social media by the employees during office harms the well-being of organizations.

Pinterest says men now account for one-third of all sign-ups on site

Washington, Nov 14 : Pinterest says that men now account for one-third of the total number of sign-ups on the site, hinting at its growing male audience.

Five-year-old becomes youngest ever IT specialist post passing Microsoft exam

London, Nov 14 : A five-year-old kid has become the youngest qualified computer specialist after he passed the Microsoft Certified Professional exam which is a vital qualification for IT experts.

Parents feel educational benefits of internet outweigh dangers for kids

Washington, Nov 13 : A new study has revealed that many parents are worried that the harm from being online outweighs the benefits but many also believe the opposite.

Microsoft patches critical bug that has affected Windows OS for 19 years

Washington, Nov 13 : Microsoft has reportedly fixed a critical flaw in Windows that has existed since the introduction of Windows 95 more than 19 years ago after IBM security researchers discovered the bug earlier this year and informed the tech giant in May.

Twitter planning slew of new updates to lure 500 mln-strong 'logged-out audience'

Washington, Nov 13 : In an attempt to lure its 500 million-strong "logged out audience" who visit Twitter each month but don't sign in, CEO Dick Costolo has revealed that it is planning a slew of new features.

'Recovered' Gayle to accompany Windies on Proteas tour

Wellington, Nov 13 : West Indies' hard hitting left-handed batsman Chris Gayle would return to the national squad for their South Africa tour after recovering from a back injury.

Breakups get messier on social media

Wellington, Nov 13 : A new study has revealed that couples who live out their relationships on Facebook or Twitter get into messy interactions after breakup on social media.

Facebook's new feature 'Say Thanks' allows users to express love to family, friends

Melbourne, Nov 13 : Facebook has come up with yet another surprise for its users- a new feature that allows them to show their love and gratitude to family and friends by sharing video cards.

Google doodle celebrates Rosetta mission's historic comet landing

London, Nov 13 : Google recently marked Rosetta spacecraft's historic comet landing with a doodle on its homepage.

Meet the Google robot who can perform 'Karate Kid' kicks

Washington, Nov 12 : A robot, owned by Google's Boston Dynamics, can mimic a pose from the movie 'Karate Kid,' it has been reported.

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