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How habitual Facebook users easily fall for scams

Washington, Sept 16 : A new study has indicated that individuals who are very active on Facebook become highly susceptible to "social media phishing" attacks by criminals.

Google reports 150 pc rise in government data requests

Washington, Sep 16 : Google is reportedly getting more requests for user data from governments across the world.

Microsoft to showcase next version of Windows on Sep 30

Washington, Sep 16 : Microsoft will showcase an enterprise technology preview of its next version of Windows on September 30th as the company has started sending out invitations.

Google launches three 100$ smartphones based on Android One initiative in India

Washington, Sep 16 : Google has unveiled the much-awaited three new smartphones based on the Android One initiative at an event in New Delhi.

Google launches Android One devices at Rs.6,399

New Delhi, Sep 15 : Google Monday launched Android One devices in India for Rs.6,399, Sunder Pichai, senior vice president of Android, Crome and Apps, said here.

Why some Facebook users spy on romantic partners

New York, Sep 14 : Look closely at your partner's recent Facebook behaviour to find out if he is spying on you. According to a new study, some young lovers are increasingly monitoring their partners and boast about their relationships on the social networking site.

Leaked video shows Windows 9's new Start menu

Washington, Sep 14 : A recent "Windows 9" leak has reportedly revealed the company's plans to bring back the popular Start menu in its next major release.

Google Earth Engine to soon predict malaria on maps

Washington, Sept 14 : University of California, San Francisco is currently working to create an online platform that health workers around the world can use to predict where malaria is likely to be transmitted using data on Google Earth Engine.

Microsoft to bag Minecraft in $2 bln deal: Report

London, Sep 12 : Markus Persson, creator of the immensely popular Minecraft game, has reportedly agreed to sell the game to software giant Microsoft in a two billion dollar deal.

Latest Windows 9 screenshots give 'sneak peak' into future outlook of desktop

Washington, Sep 12 : The latest leaked Windows 9 screenshots give a closer look at how the desktop would be transformed in the future release of Windows.

Quantum computers come closer to reality

Washington, Sept 12 : Scientists have discovered a new and much simpler quantum algorithm Boson Sampling, that could beat classical computers.

Google acquires poll company Polar to boost Google+

Washington, Sep 12 : Search giant Google has acquired the online poll company Polar to boost its social networking site Google+.

Your Facebook activity reveals your personality traits to strangers

Washington, Sept 12 : A new research has revealed that the personality traits of strangers can be detected by looking at their Facebook activity.

Yahoo was threatened with $250,000 daily fine for not complying with NSA dictat

Washington, Sep 12 : A report said that Yahoo has decided to release new documents detailing its legal fight with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC).

Microsoft to phase out brand name 'Nokia' from its products

Washington, Sep 11 : Microsoft's earlier revealed plans of phasing out the 'Nokia' name in its mobile products are now backed with a newly leaked internal document which reportedly says upcoming Nokia Lumia devices will soon be branded as just 'Lumia'.

List of five million combinations of Gmail addresses, passwords posted online

Wellington, Sep 11 : Almost five million combinations of Gmail addresses and passwords were posted online on Tuesday wherein the passwords seemed old and did not appear to belong to Gmail accounts.

Indian electronics body joins hands with Taipei Computer Association

New Delhi, Sep 11 : The India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA) Thursday signed an agreement with Taipei Computer Association (TCA) to promote electronic system design and manufacturing (ESDM) industry cooperation between India and Taiwan, a statement said here.

Microsoft nearing 2bln dollar deal to buy Minecraft maker Mojang: Report

Washington, Sep 10 : Tech titan Microsoft is said to be nearing a deal worth 2 billion dollars to purchase Minecraft maker Mojang.

Twitter says Apple Pay to benefit its newly launched Commerce program

Washington, Sep 10 : Twitter's head of global revenue has said that Apple Pay service will be beneficial for the social networking site that launched its Twitter Commerce program on Monday.

You'll soon be able to know how many hits Facebook videos get just like YouTube

Washington, Sep 9 : Facebook announced on Sunday that it will add a counter to videos which will show how many times a video has been seen, just like YouTube.

Now, buy things straight from Twitter

Washington, Sep 9 : Twitter has launched a platform for real-time commerce, which would now allow users to buy things from the social micro-blogging website.

Google Doodle pays tribute to Leo Tolstoy on 186th b'day

London, Sept 9 : Google has given a tribute to Leo Tolstoy by dedicating a Google Doodle on War and Peace author's186th birthday.

Intel unveils new processors for data centres

New Delhi, Sep 9 : California-based chipmaker Intel Tuesday launched a new range of processors to speed up performance in data centres here.

Now, Syria wages war on World Wide Web with malware

Washington, Sep 08 : A research has revealed an entire range of malware related to Syria that make use of techniques like sophisticated social engineering tricks are infecting the computer systems of internet users.

Is it possible to keep passwords 100 pc secure online?

Washington, Sep 07 : A computer scientist recently weighed in on whether people can ever truly master the online password security process.

Facebook ends 'pay to play' feature on Slingshot

Washington, Sep 5 : Facebook rolled out a new update to its Slingshot app making the 'pay to play' system optional.

Google celebrates 'Teacher's Day' with colorful doodle

New Delhi, Sept 5 : Google has paid tribute to all the teachers worldwide by dedicating its doodle to Teacher's Day.

Apple to install new security alert after scandal

Washington, Sep 5 : Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced that a new security alert will be incorporated in the storage system in iCloud within the next two weeks to prevent leaks such as the one that occurred last weekend involving intimate photos of Hollywood stars.

GenNext Ventures, Microsoft to set up innovation hubs

New Delhi, Sep 5 : With a plan to catalyze the country's technology startup ecosystem, GenNext Ventures, the venture investment management arm of Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL), Friday signed a three-year partnership with Microsoft India, through Microsoft Ventures in India, to set up GenNext Innovation Hubs, an official statement said here.

Facebook privacy checkup to open for all users

New York, Sep 5 : Social networking site Facebook has finally announced to expand its "Privacy Checkup" feature to all users.

Twitter to pay hackers for hunting 'bugs'

Washington, Sep 4 : Twitter is keen to find out any malicious bugs before hackers, and now they are even paying for it.

Twitter CEO finally explains rationale behind random tweets on users' timeline

Washington, Sep 4 : Twitter CEO Dick Costolo finally offers an explanation for the random tweets on users' timeline, saying that the changes would be more of a final resort, which means that random tweets would appear only when users don't have any new tweet to load.

'Treat lack of Internet connection as opportunity'

New Delhi, Sep 4 : Though one billion people in India do not have regular access to the internet, that should not be perceived as a challenge -- rather it should be treated as an opportunity, R.S. Sharma, secretary, Department of Electronics and Information Technology said Thursday.

Facebook suffers outage for 15 minutes

Washington, Sep 4 : If you could not log on to your Facebook account Wednesday afternoon, it was because the popular social networking site suffered an outage for about 15 minutes that affected users around the world.

Internet more damaging than drugs: Cyrus

Los Angeles, Sep 2 : Singer Miley Cyrus believes that internet is more dangerous for mental health than drugs.

App that can delete message even after it is sent

Washington, Sep 2 : If you have erroneously sent a message to your dad and wish that it should not be seen, here comes a unique app that will help you delete that instantly.

App that enhances smartphone battery life

New York, Sep 2 : Are you frustrated by the limited battery life of your smartphone? No need to fret any longer as a US professor has created a free app called Estar that reveals how certain apps drain a smartphone battery faster.

Want to ruin your selfie? Try this app

Moscow, Sep 2 : Russian developers have created a new anti-selfie mobile app that tracks your face in real time and applies filters that obscure your face in funny ways.

Indian-origin inventor of 'email' slams critics

Washington, Sep 1 : V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai, an Indian-origin scientist who received official recognition as the inventor of the computer program for electronic mail system or "email" from the US government 32 years ago, has slammed his critics for not giving him full credit.

Micromax topples Apple in Indian tablet market: IDC

New Delhi, Sep 1 : Micromax has overtaken Apple and reached the second position in the tablet market in India in the second quarter with 14 percent market-share, data released by the International Data Corporation (IDC) said Monday.

Free voice calling feature on WhatsApp soon?

New York, Sep 1 : If media reports are to be believed, mobile messaging service WhatsApp is set to launch a free voice calling feature for its 600 million active users.

New look Twitter sign up process awaits you

New York, Aug 31 : If you wish to join Twitter, the microblogging site has a surprise for you.

Microsoft to end MSN Messenger in China by October

London, Aug 30 : Microsoft will be switching off its Windows Live Messenger service in China from October.

Computer games enhance English vocabulary!

Washington, Aug 29 : A new study has revealed that people who are good at computer games have a larger English vocabulary.

Google to no longer support authorship markup in search results

Washington, Aug 29 : Google announced Thursday that it will not display names of authors associated with articles anymore.

New software focuses more on context than quantity of event-based tweets

Washington, Aug 28 : Researchers have developed a new software that analyzes event-based tweets and measures the context of tweets rather than just the quantity.

HTC unveils world's first 64-bit Android phone 'Desire 510'

Washington, Aug 28 : HTC has announced Desire 510, the first Android phone to run a 64-bit processor.

Now, see your tweet traffic in real time

New York, Aug 28 : Now, you can see how your tweet traffic is doing in real time as the microblogging site Twitter has opened up its analytics dashboard for all users.

Spotify finally supports free music streaming on Windows

Washington, Aug 27 : Music streaming app, Spotify has rolled out an update for Windows phones, which includes free ad-supported streaming and it will allows users to stream playlists and music in shuffle mode.

Ravi Shankar Prasad unveils dot Bharat domain name

New Delhi, Aug 27 : Telecommunications and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad Wednesday unveiled the dot Bharat domain name, an official statement said here.

Amazon buys video-game streaming site Twitch for 970 million dollars

London, Aug 26 : American international company Amazon has bought a video-game streaming service Twitch for 970 million dollars.

Facebook to scale down click-bait stories from users' newsfeed

Washington, Aug 26 : Facebook has reportedly decided to scale down the number of so-called click-bait stories that appear high on people's news feeds.

Mozilla's low-cost Firefox OS smartphone debuts in India at Rs. 1999

Washington, Aug 26 : Mozilla's new smartphone that features Firefox operating system has reportedly gone on sale on the website Snadpdeal.com, India's largest e-shopping website, the company said.

Facebook the leader but Google apps hot favourites

New York, Aug 25 : Social networking website Facebook is the most used app, but Google apps dominate the top 10 slots when it comes to selecting from over two million apps available in the Apple and Google stores.

Breakup updates on Facebook ruining relationships

New York, Aug 24 : Has your ex-partner conveyed all personal details of your breakup to common friends on Facebook, leaving you embarrassed? Well, you are not alone.

App to add 3D backgrounds to your photos

New York, Aug 24 : It is time to jazz up your photo albums with 3D sunsets or other scenic backgrounds on photo-sharing platforms like Instagram, Flickr or Tumblr.

Twitter best firm on culture and values: Report

New York, Aug 24 : Micro-blogging site Twitter has received the highest rating from its workers in terms of corporate culture and values, according to a new report.

Why most people are not downloading apps

New York, Aug 23 : Most apps are free and even when these come with a price tag, the amount is nominal. Even then, people are not downloading them. Why?

Now, upload video from any source on Vine

Washington, Aug 22 : Twitter owned six second video app Vine has announced that users can now import video from any source, as long as the file can get to their iOS camera roll.

Soon, Google may provide 'one stop shop' for 'entire' human knowledge

Washington, Aug 22 : Google is planning to build a vast knowledge bank, which promises to include complete human knowledge, it has been reported.

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