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Google introduces new feature to enhance videos on its web app

Washington, Dec 21 : Google has introduced a new feature to its Google+ web app that allows users to enhance videos they upload online.

Facebook tracks owners of lost wedding memory card within 10 min

London, Dec 21 : Facebook recently helped a couple to get back their lost wedding memory card within 10 minutes.

Google marks shortest day of the year with Doodle

London, Dec 21 : Google has marked the shortest day of the year with an animated Doodle on its homepage.

Using free software in education can save Rs.8,000 crore

Thiruvananthapuram, Dec 19 : Using free software under Information and Communication Technology in Education (ICT) in 3.2 lakh schools across the country can save over Rs.8,000 crore, said an expert in free software.

Global internet authority ICANN's internal systems hacked

Washington, Dec 19 : Global internet authority ICANN that allocates IP addresses and domain names for the internet has reportedly been hacked.

Instant-start computers in offing

New York, Dec 19 : What if you can start your computer instantly with the click of a mouse? Researchers at Cornell University are making this happen with a new device.

Instant-start computers comes closer to reality

Washington, Dec 19 : A new research has revealed that instant-start computers are possible with new breakthrough.

6 pc of global population suffer from internet addiction

Washington, Dec 19 : A new study has revealed that internet addiction is more common than people think, as 6 percent of the global population suffers from it.

Internet addiction affects six percent of people worldwide

New York, Dec 19 : A study has revealed that six percent of people are suffering from internet addiction worldwide, hampering their health and interpersonal relationships.

Google to release Android 5.1 update in early 2015: Report

Washington, Dec 18 : Google is likely to release its first update to Android 5.0 Lollipop by next year, a report has revealed.

Facebook testing new classifieds feature within Groups

Washington, Dec 18 : Social networking site Facebook is reportedly experimenting with a feature where Group members can post details about the items they intend to sell instead of the usual status updates.

Twitter set to partner with Foursquare to add location to tweets

Washington, Dec 18 : Social networks Twitter and Foursquare have reached a deal under which tweets would now include information about the location of users.

Microsoft's Bing has already predicted top winners of 2015

Washington, Dec 18 : Microsoft's search engine Bing has predicted which people, products and trends will win in 2015.

Twitter in two minds over autoplaying videos on users' timeline

Washington, Dec 17 : Social networking site Twitter is reportedly in two minds over autoplaying videos on its users' timeline.

Samsung planning to launch new app to compete with Apple Pay, Google wallet

Washington, Dec 17 : Samsung is planning to launch an application that would allow users to make purchases right through their phones giving a competition to Apple Pay and Google wallet, said reports.

Google's 'year in search' reveals Robin Williams' death was top global trend in 2014

Washington, Dec. 17 : Google's 'year in search' 2014 has revealed that the top global trending search was the story of Robin Williams' death, followed by the World Cup and Ebola.

Facebook launches new feature to enhance photos by default

Washington, Dec 17 : Facebook has launched a new feature wherein the photos that people post from their phones would be enhanced by default with the app adjusting lighting, shadows and general clarity.

Lumia users can now operate phones without touching screens with new 'Gestures Beta' app

Washington, Dec 16 : Microsoft has unveiled a new application "Gestures Beta" for Lumia Windows Phone owners wherein they can operate the phone without having to touch the screen and perform a few simple gestures.

Google may introduce 'buy now' button allowing users to purchase products through search result page

Washington, Dec 16 : Google is reportedly working on its "buy now" button to compete with Amazon wherein the users would be able to shop online and purchase products with a single click right through Google's own search result page.

Skype's new app will provide 'real time translations' during voice calls

Washington, Dec 16 : In order to provide a sneak peek into a new feature being introduced on the software, Skype will translate voice calls between people today.

iOS users more concerned about privacy than people using Android devices

Washington, Dec 14 : According to a research by cloud storage iDrive, iPhone users are more concerned about their privacy and security as compared to people who use Android operating system.

Yahoo starts prompting Internet Explorer, Opera users to switch to Firefox

Washington, Dec 14 : Yahoo has reportedly started prompting its users to upgrade to the new Firefox by displaying a link in the top right corner of the browser window.

Facebook removes Bing search engine from its platform after 4 years

Washington, Dec 14 : Facebook has reportedly announced its decision to remove the Bing search engine from its platform as it ends a four-year-long online relationship with Microsoft's search engine.

Google adds South Indian language Malayalam to translation tool

Washington, Dec 13 : Google has added support for ten new languages, including Malayalam- a South Indian language- to its translation tool.

Zuckerberg considering adding "dislike" button on Facebook

Washington, Dec 13 : Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said that he is considering adding a "dislike" button to Facebook posts, allowing users to express emotions in another way other than "like" or leaving a comment.

Facebook, Candy Crush, Frozen top 2014 Google Play download list

Washington, Dec 13 : According to Google's tabulation of digital favorites, Frozen, Facebook and Candy Crush Saga were the most downloaded items of this year among the movies, social media and games category in the Play Store.

Forget waxing! Dyeing armpit hair new fad amongst wom

London, Dec 12 : Dying armpit hair in neon colors has become a new craze amongst women, as many have taken to Instagram to show off their underarms.

Twitter co-founder Williams 'not concerned' over the rising popularity of Instagram

Washington, December 12 : The Twitter co-founder Ev Williams have stated that he is not worried over the rising popularity of Instagram following its CEO Kevin Systrom recent statement that photo-sharing service has overtaken Twitter in active users.

World Wide Web Foundation says web becoming less free, more unequal

London, Dec 12 : A new report has said that the web is increasingly becoming less free and more unequal.

Google+ launches 'customised' gender options facility

Washington, December 12 : Google Plus has introduced a new category named 'custom' that would enable users to define their gender more freely rather than adjusting to the already existing options of 'Male', 'Female', and 'Other' category.

Now, Android users in India can watch YouTube videos offline

Washington, Dec 12 : Google has introduced a new update for Android devices that allows users to watch YouTube videos without an internet connection.

New Google technology lets museums display exhibits to mobile users

Washington, Dec 11 : Google has set up a platform for museums to help them showcase their exhibits to smartphone users.

Amazon launches Surprise! app that allows users to send personalized e-cards

Washington, Dec 11 : A new app rolled out by Amazon, Surprise!, will allow users to send e-cards to friends and family to celebrate various occasions like, birthday, anniversaries etc.

Kaspersky Lab says cyber attacks on corporate sector doubled in past year

Washington, Dec 11 : Moscow-based cyber security firm Kaspersky Lab has revealed that cyber attacks on the corporate sector have doubled in the past year, with targeted attacks and malicious campaigns leading the way.

Facebook launches Twitter-type Trending Topics for Android phones

Washington, Dec 10 : Facebook has reportedly launched its own version of trending topics for Android and promises to launch the same for iOS soon.

Google named world's best company to work for

Washington, Dec 11 : Glasdoor has named Google as the top company to work for in its list of 50 best places to work.

Boosting human memory akin to saving files on PCs

Washington, Dec 11 : A new study has revealed that saving files on your computer can help you boost your memory when it comes to remembering new information.

Annoying ads on websites may actually be bad for business

Washington, Dec 10 : A new study has revealed that this way of forcing customer's attention through annoying online ads may actually be bad for business.

Google launches Chromecast in India

Washington, Dec 10 : Google has launched its Chromecast streaming device in India, in a move seen as an attempt by the internet giant to tap into the growing consumer market in the country.

Facebook users may soon be notified before posting drunk pictures

Washington, Dec 10 : Facebook is working on implementing artificial intelligence on the popular social networking site in a bid to protect its users from posting drunk messages that they might regret in the future.

FIFA WC, Ebola outbreak seasoned most Facebook discussions in 2014

Johannesburg, Dec 10 : A list of most-discussed topics of 2014 released by Facebook has shown that the FIFA World Cup 2014 and the Ebola outbreak were talked about the most by users on the social media platform.

Twitter posts help to study mental Illness among people

Washington, Dec 10 : A new study has recently revealed that twitter posts can help gather important data regarding mental illness among people.

Microsoft releases security updates for Windows, IE on Patch Tuesday

Washington, Dec 10 : Microsoft has released security fixes for Internet Explorer and Exchange Server in its latest series of "Patch Tuesday".

'Mutant Giant Spider Dog' tops Youtube's list of most popular videos of 2014

Washington, Dec 10 : Youtube has released its annual list of the most popular videos of 2014 wherein 'Mutant Giant Spider Dog' video by S.A. Wardega, a Polish actor, has scored the top spot with more than 113 million views since he posted it in September.

Save files on computer and boost memory

New York, Dec 10 : The simple act of saving file on a computer may improve our memory for the information we encounter next, says a new research.

YouTube offering bonuses to top creators for exclusive videos to keep up with rivals

Washington, Dec 9 : YouTube is reportedly offering bonuses to top creators for exclusive videos in an attempt to keep up with their rivals companies, including Facebook.

Apple's first generation iPods selling like hot cakes on eBay, Amazon

London, Dec 9 : It turns out that Apple's first generation iPods are still in demand as buyers are thronging eBay and Amazon to buy the music player.

Now, YouTube gives uploaders demo on how use of copyrighted music will affect their videos

Washington, Dec 9 : Google has launched a brand new feature in the YouTube Audio Library that gives uploaders a demonstration of what will happen to the copyrighted music before they upload them.

New Facebook update allows you to search for individual posts

Washington, Dec 09 : Facebook has launched a new update to its search product allowing users to search for specific posts and not just other people and pages using keywords.

New version of Google Translation app will offer instant translation to users

Washington, Dec 09 : A leaked build of the new version of Google's translation app has shown that the app will now decipher words in images so that users only have to point their phones at a text image for an instant translation.

'Web is designed without an attitude of what it should be used for': Tim Berners

Dubai, Dec 08 : The inventor of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners Lee has said, at the first Knowledge Conference on Sunday, that the web is "designed without any attitude of what it should be used for".

Personal computer segment grows 5.8 percent in Q3 2014: IDC

New Delhi, Dec 8 : The overall personal computer (PC) shipment for the third quarter of 2014 (July-September) in India stood at 2.67 million units with a quarter-on-quarter growth of 5.8 percent over April-June 2014, the latest data from global research firm International Data Corporation (IDC) indicated.

Quantum computers and next-generation electronics come closer to reality

Washington, Dec 7 : A new research has revealed that an exotic state of matter can open a new path to quantum computers and other next-generation electronics.

Microsoft releases Skype 7 for Windows with improved features

London, Dec 07 : Microsoft has released its Skype 7 for Windows with improved features following complaints from users regarding its screen space that the app consumes.

Computers that teach by example

Washington, Dec 7 : Researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a system that could improve the ability of computers to draw commonalities from unstructured data and help humans improve decision-making.

Now, system to allow computers, human collaboration for better decision-making

Washington, Dec 6: MIT researchers have recently developed a new computer that encompasses different abilities of processing information so that technology and humans can make better use of each other.

Facebook post claiming to protect users' copyright not worth posting on site, claim experts

Wellington, Dec 06: Copyright experts have dismissed the post that is going viral on Facebook claiming to protect users' copyright over their own photos as sheer nonsense saying that it is not worth posting on the site.

Facebook adds 3rd antivirus engine to safeguard users' data against malware

Washington, Dec 05 : In an attempt to filter malware content and protect users' data, Facebook is reportedly adding a third antivirus engine to its service, a report said.

Pak among 10 worst countries for internet freedom

Karachi, Dec 05 : Pakistan has been listed among the 10 worst countries that limit civil liberties on the internet due to increasing attempts by its government to control online content, according to a study by Freedom House.

Microsoft incurs 238 mln dollar loss on Nook sale

Washington, Dec 05 : Microsoft has reportedly incurred losses to the tune of 238 million dollars after selling its stake in Nook e-book reader business back to Barnes and Noble.

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