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Build your brand through Snapchat!
New Delhi , Mar. 23 : Oh Snap! Aren't you on Snapchat yet? Read Full Story

Google splash colours on its Doodle to celebrate Holi!
New Delhi , Mar. 13 : When the festival of colours is here, how can Google be far behind from celebrating it! Read Full Story

Google Cloud, SAP forge tie-up to develop enterprise solutions
New Delhi , Mar 9 : Google has announced a new strategic partnership with SAP, focused on developing and integrating Google's best cloud and machine learning solutions with SAP enterprise applications. Read Full Story

Pluralsight, Microsoft partner to upskill developers using Microsoft Visual Studio 2017
New Delhi , Mar.8 : Pluralsight, the technology learning platform, today announced it is partnering with Microsoft to upskill Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 developers. Read Full Story

Microsoft launches Visual Studio 2017
New Delhi, Mar 8 : Tech giant Microsoft has released unprecedented application development capabilities in the hands of developers with the launch of Visual Studio 2017 that delivers new capabilities for developers to be more productive than ever. Read Full Story

Smartphone notifications driving you crazy? This might help
Washington D.C. [USA], Mar. 8 : Do random push alerts, social media messages and noisy notifications on smartphones annoy you? Read Full Story

Oracle expands cloud services with Oracle Exadata Cloud Machine
New Delhi , Feb. 28 : Continuing to help organisations simplify cloud adoption by bringing the benefits of the cloud inside their own datacenters, Oracle today announced the expansion of the Oracle Cloud at Customer portfolio with the availability of Oracle Exadata Cloud Machine. Read Full Story

Iconic Snake game is back and available on Messenger
Kolkata, Feb 28 : Prepare to spend even more time on your mobile as HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones,announced a new version of the cult status game, Snake for Messenger, part of Facebook's Instant Games cross platform experience. Read Full Story

Instagram has become a haven for people making sensitive and stigmatized self-disclosures, says study
London, Feb 26 : Depression has a way of silencing its sufferers. Even in today's technology-connected society, people are hesitant to talk about their painful experiences and suffering for fear of being stigmatized. Read Full Story

WhatsApp's new 'status' feature goes live
New Delhi , Feb. 24 : WhatsApp's on Friday rolled out its new feature 'Status' live across Android, iOS and Windows software wherein the users can upload pictures and videos for their contacts to see, instead of regular text status message. Read Full Story

Wittyfeed surpasses Twitter and Instagram and becomes 20th most visited website in India
New Delhi , Feb 23 : WittyFeed, world's second largest and India's largest viral content company has also emerged as 20th most visited websites in India surpassing the most major social networking sites Twitter and Instagram being the fastest and youngest company to attain this ranking. The latest Alexa ranking as on 22nd February shows as the 20th most visited website in India. This is an enormous achievement for the viral content website from tier II cities in India called Indore. Read Full Story

Google hails NASA's exoplanets discovery, doodles
Mountain View, Feb 23 : Tech giant Google on Thursday dedicated a doodle to celebrate NASA's latest discovery, where the agency found out about seven Earth-like exoplanets. Read Full Story

About 20 pct of all spam emails in Q4 2016 distributed ransomware Trojans, says Kaspersky Lab
New Delhi , Feb 22 : According to Kaspersky Lab "Spam and phishing in 2016"report, about 20 percent of all spam emails in Q4 2016distributed ransomware Trojans. The Kaspersky Lab spam report also identified the following trends in 2016 Read Full Story

Gemalto, Microsoft join forces to provide seamless connectivity for Windows 10 devices
New Delhi , Feb 21 : World leader in digital security Gemalto is presenting the newest release of its On Demand Connectivity and eSIM technology for Windows 10 devices, in connection with Microsoft. Read Full Story

WhatsApp introduces new update to its 'status' feature
New Delhi , Feb. 21 : In lieu of its eighth birthday on February 24, 2017, WhatsApp messenger, the instant messaging platform introduced a new update which is set to revamp the status feature. Read Full Story

Oracle's cloud-based service sees high demand in India
New Delhi , Feb. 17 : Oracle India on Thursday announced that Oracle Management Cloud service has provided Indian companies with smarter insights and swifter action, thereby eliminating slow transactions. Read Full Story

Kaspersky launches 'Password Manager' for remote access
New Delhi , Feb 16 : Kaspersky Lab on Thursday announced the Read Full Story

Oracle launches cloud for data integration to support real-time analytics
New Delhi , Feb 14 : cloud applications and platform services Oracle on Tuesday announced expansion of its 'Oracle Cloud Platform's' data integration offerings with the launch of Oracle Data Integrator Cloud, which will signify, simplify and accelerate cross-enterprise data integration to support real-time analytics that help organizations drive better business decisions. Read Full Story

WhatsApp introduces two-step verification system
New Delhi , Feb. 10 : WhatsApp messenger, the cross-platform instant messaging platform, announced the launch of its two-step verification procedure for all users, on Friday. Read Full Story

Oracle Marketing Cloud teams with Eyeota to enhance global data offering
New Delhi , Feb 7 : Oracle Marketing Cloud on Tuesday announced its teaming with Eyeota to enable marketers and advertisers to use Eyeota data in the Oracle Data Management Platform to more intelligently target and personalize non-US campaigns to Eyeota's three billion unique profiles in Europe, APAC, and the Americas. Read Full Story

Rooter's latest Android app-update aims at delivering a complete, 360-degree user experience to sports fans
New Delhi , Feb. 6 : Rooter, the world's first social platform that connects sports fans and engages them during live sporting events, has added several new features to its Android app. The platform has enabled real-time updates and match facts for all the matches hosted on Rooter. This will provide a complete, 360-degree engagement experience to Rooter users, giving them an opportunity to immerse themselves in sports. Read Full Story

On its 13th b'day, Facebook has a gift for you
New Delhi , Feb. 3 : This Saturday, February 4, is Facebook's 13th birthday, a day they call Friends Day. Read Full Story

Cloud-computing deployments will become conventional in 2017: Oracle India MD
New Delhi , Feb. 1 : Oracle's predictions for cloud computing in 2017 examine the forces that will influence the business ecosystem to help companies prioritise and adapt to today's realities. As the future gets reshaped by digital transformation, these predictions will help business leaders and CXOs plan and execute cloud strategies to help organisations emerge as winners. Read Full Story

Get ready for V-Day with these apps
New Delhi , Jan. 30 : Come February and it feels like love is in the air, with people getting all excited about the Valentine day. Read Full Story

Oracle expands startup accelerator program to further promote global cloud innovation
New Delhi , Jan. 25 : Oracle announced the expansion of its Startup Cloud Accelerator program. The initiative will continue to fuel cloud-enabled innovation around the globe by opening new centers in Bristol, Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Paris, Sao Paulo, Singapore and Tel Aviv. Read Full Story

Ericsson, Cisco to virtualise Vodafone Hutchison Australia's core and IP network
New Delhi , Jan 17 : Industry leaders in the development and delivery of networking and mobility Ericsson and Cisco Systems have announced to transform and virtualize Vodafone Hutchison Australia (VHA)'s networks for VHA to better prepare for new emerging services and to evolve its core network to increase the level of agility and programmability from network slicing. Read Full Story

WhatsApp denies 'backdoor' claims
New Delhi , Jan. 14 : Popular messaging app WhatsApp has denied claims of vulnerability, described as 'backdoor', saying that it's a security feature related to message delivery in order to ensure messages don't get lost in transit. Read Full Story

UC News announces UC We-Media compensation plan for self publishers, key opinion leaders and bloggers
New Delhi , Jan 13 : UC News, a key component of UCWeb Inc, an Alibaba Mobile Business Group Company, has launched a detailed monetary compensation plan for writers, bloggers and self-publishers under its We-Media Program. Starting 5th Jan, 2016, all content providers who meet the set requirements will get commercial rewards for their blog post. Read Full Story

Teradata expands customer choice in Hybrid Cloud Solutions with Teradata database on Microsoft Azure
New Delhi , Jan 12 : Leading analytics solutions company Teradata on Thursday announced imminent availability of Teradata Database on Azure providing customers more choice of cloud options for Teradata software. Read Full Story

Yahoo is not changing its name to Altaba
San Francisco [U.S.], Jan. 10: Contrary to some news reports on Monday internet giant Yahoo is not going to change its name but only a part of the company that is not being sold to Verizon will be renamed Altaba. Read Full Story

Gemalto launches LTE Cat. M1 wireless module to enable new IoT use cases
New Delhi , Jan 6 : World leader in digital security Gemalto has launched a leading edge LTE Cat. M1wireless module for IoT solutions. The new Cinterion® LTE Cat. M1 solution takes network efficiency and simplicity to new heights, delivering LTE for Machine-Type-Communication (MTC) and improved power savings that enables battery life of 10+ years, for some use cases. Read Full Story

Digital Unlock: Sundar Pichai pitches for use of internet by SMEs
New Delhi , Jan. 4 : Google CEO Sundar Pichai on Tuesday pitched his voice in support of adoption of internet technology by Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with the vision of making them big and powerful. Read Full Story

Google doodles to celebrate Savitribai Phule's 186th birth anniversary
Mountain View, Jan 3 : Web giant Google on Tuesday doodled to commemorate the 186th birth anniversary of social reformer Savitribai Phule. Read Full Story

Google doodles to celebrate new year
New York, Jan 1 : With a doodle showing dropping of balloons, popular search engine Google on Sunday celebrated new year. Read Full Story

Google dedicates it 'waterproof' doodle to Charles Macintosh!
New Delhi , Dec. 29 : Wake up to a chilly morning and sense a bit of rain! Read Full Story

"Which kids may not be getting presents this Christmas", investigates Kaspersky Lab
New Delhi [India], Dec 26 : While the world is enjoying this festive season celebrating Christmas and New Year there are expectant children worldwide hoping for presents from Santa Claus for their good behavior, Kaspersky Lab has revealed which countries' children are the worst culprits for risky online behavior over the last 12 months. Read Full Story

Look into five best News and Reading Apps of 2016
New Delhi [India], Dec. 23: The credibility of online news has been a dominant topic of discussion these days. Here is a lowdown on five great apps that will help you news from the most credible sources. They offer curated content and let you customize news sources for your phone and tablets. Read Full Story

Kaspersky Lab finds way to unlock files encrypted with 'CryptXXX Ransomware'
New Delhi [India], Dec 21 : After releasing decryption tools for two variants of CryptXXX ransomware in April and May 2016, Kaspersky Lab is releasing a new decryptor for files that have been locked with the latest version of the malware. Read Full Story

Faketoken mobile banking Trojan adds data encryption and targets over 2,000 apps
New Delhi, Dec 20 : Kaspersky Lab experts have discovered a modification of the mobile banking Trojan, Faketoken that can encrypt user data. Disguised as various programs and games, including Adobe Flash Player, the modified Trojan can also steal credentials from more than 2,000 Android financial applications. Read Full Story

Internet surfing in class is linked to poorer test scores
Washington D.C. [USA], Dec. 18 : Surfing the internet in class is linked to poorer test scores, even among the most intelligent and motivated of students, warns a study. Read Full Story

Sports, entertainment dominate search in 2016: Google
New Delhi [India], Dec. 15 : Google India today released the 2016 recap of trending stories- biggest moments, major events and users interests based on trillions of searches made by Indians on Google this year. Read Full Story

Top Apps of 2016 to cater to Millennials' daily needs
New Delhi, Dec. 13 : Whether you're a shopping freak, a cartoon lover, news watcher or fitness fonder, today you have all the possible apps to satisfy your needs, without paying a penny. Read Full Story

Google Doodle celebrates 340th anniversary of discovery speed of light
New Delhi [India], Dec. 7 (ANI): Then answer to speed of light was discovered 340 years ago on this day, by Danish astronomer named Olaus Roemer. Read Full Story

Personal computing crucial to India's knowledge economy vision: Intel
New Delhi [India], Dec. 2 : Personal Computers (PCs) are instrumental in closing the skill gap, enabling upward socio-economic mobility and achieving universal digital literacy in the country, states an Impact Assessment Report commissioned by Intel India. Read Full Story

Facebook adds free games like 'Pac-Man' to Messenger app
New York [United States), Nov.30 : Facebook is adding the option to play games with your contacts on its messaging app beginning Tuesday. Read Full Story

Google doodle wishes scientist Jagdish Chandra Bose on his 158th birth anniversary
Washington D.C. [USA], Nov.30 : Google, on Wednesday, wished noted scientist Jagdish Chandra Bose on his 158th birth anniversary with a doodle featuring him. Read Full Story

1 in 4 wi-fi hotspots just waiting to be hacked, Kaspersky Lab stats show
New Delhi [India], Nov.28 (ANI): After analyzing information on more than 31 million Wi-Fi hotspots around the world, Kaspersky Lab has found that every fourth (28pc ) is unsecured and poses a risk to users' personal data. Read Full Story

Qyuki's revolutionary idea of Jammin' taking internet by storm
New Delhi [India], Nov 25 : Ever since Jammin' was launched in August, Multi-Platform network Qyuki's creative collaboration with You Tube introduced the world to a unique property that has been peaking everyone's interest since the start. Read Full Story

Android users more honest than those glued to iPhone
Washington D.C. [USA], Nov. 22 : A recent study has found that people using Android smartphones are more honest and humble as compared to the iPhone users. Read Full Story

Fear of losing digital memories makes people stay on social media, says Kaspersky's survey
New Delhi[India], Nov. 18 :According to the survey conducted by cyber security firm Kaspersky Lab reveals that 78 percent of the respondents want to leave social media like Facebook, Instagram etc. but the fear of losing friends and posts makes them stay on. Read Full Story

Dell announces 'zero cash' easy financing options for customers
New Delhi[India], Nov. 18: Dell India on Friday announced a range of 'zero cash' financing options for consumers, making it easier for them to purchase their personal computer. Read Full Story

WhatsApp video calling to be launched globally tonight
New Delhi [India], Nov 15 : WhatsApp will roll out its video calling feature for users all over the world, including India, tonight. Over a billion active users of the messaging service shall now be able to video chat with their loved ones. Read Full Story

Google calls on Indian youths to be the next guardians of Internet
New Delhi [India], Nov.15 : In an effort to promote and educate the youth about staying smart, safe and savvy online, Google India today announced the launch of the second edition of the Web Rangers contest. Google Web Rangers contest is open to students across the country within the age group of 10 and 17 years. Read Full Story

Number one in storage, servers, virtualization equals powerful hyper-converged appliances and |system
New Delhi [India], Nov 10 : Dell EMC announced at the recently concluded Dell EMC World 2016 in Austin that it has expanded its leading converged systems portfolio by integrating its industry-leading[i] PowerEdge servers into VxRail Appliances and VxRack System 1000 hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) to address new use cases. Read Full Story

Google announces National Finalists of Doodle4Google Contest 2016
New Delhi [India],Nov. 2 : Google India on Wednesday announced the names of the twelve national finalists of the eighth edition of its annual Doodle4Google (D4G) competition. Themed on 'If I could teach anyone anything, it would be', this year, the contest received innumerable entries from kids across the country. Twelve of the most creative and impactful doodles have made it to the finals. Read Full Story

Microsoft warns Google for revealing flaws before fixes are available
San Francisco [US], Nov. 2 : Microsoft, the American multinational technology giant, on Tuesday warned that a group of hackers linked to attacks on the Democratic National Committee had exploited a vulnerability in all Windows PCs and that it would not be able to fully mend this for another week. Read Full Story

Breaking smart: 7 things you need to stop doing online
New Delhi , Oct.27 : In the beginning, the Internet was not terrifically user friendly - early users needed tech chops just to get online, and they had to do so over a wired, dial-up connection. Read Full Story

ARM accelerates secure IoT from chip to cloud
New Delhi , Oct 26 : ARM has released its most comprehensive product suite ever to deliver new levels of security, efficiency, low-power connectivity and device life cycle management for the Internet of Things (IoT). Read Full Story

Instagram reportedly trying live video feature with Android
Washington(D.C.) [U.S.],Oct. 24:Social media app Instagram is the latest addition in the race to showcase the live feature facility after the likes of Facebook and Snapchat. Since then, the social media networking giant has been pushing this service with its full capacity. Therefore, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the company is reportedly working to bring the feature to its photo and video sharing platform Instagram. Read Full Story

Instagram now available on Windows 10
New Delhi , Oct. 14: Instagram has unveiled its application for Windows users, more specifically Windows 10 tablet users. Read Full Story

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