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India is ideal for a long, relaxing vacation. There are innumerable reasons to take an Indian vacation and if you are thinking otherwise the following might convince you to give a third thought!

India is the birthplace of one of the world's first civilizations with culture and traditions thriving for more than 5000 years. These ancient traditions have survived and presently co-exist with modern lifestyles that have given rise to demographics with unique combinations that would certainly intrigue and excite you.

If you had previously been indifferent to cultural differences, experiencing India might change your perspective. Expect lifestyles, clothing, food, behavior, opinions, mindsets that you never would have imagined before or find completely different from the stereotypes you have known since childhood from tales and television.

India could be your ideal shopping destination. The prices are a bargain and choices are many. Shops sell fresh produce; there are markets selling handicrafts and cottage industry items; sweets and snacks shops running for generations; jewelry stores selling authentic as well as junk jewelry; garment stores selling indigenous handloom textiles and ethnic wear.

Add to that a boom of malls, brand stores and franchises in every major city rivaling those of other popular shopping destinations in Asia like Hong Kong, Singapore and Kuala Lampur. If you happen to be going before the Christmas season, have your Christmas shopping done there. Gift your family and friends items they would never have known!

If you are not a shopaholic but are fond of history and culture, India offers you the Taj Mahal, which is not only an architectural marvel but also a historical feat, the forts and palaces of Rajasthan, the seven cities of Delhi, temple complexes of south India, caves of Ajanta-Ellora, Buddhist stupas, several well known museums, theatres, dancehalls etc.

There are many beautiful, serene white sand beaches in Goa, Karnataka and Kerala. Kerala also has great backwaters offering romantic getaways and quiet boat rides. Or if you are a mountain-person there are escapades available to many heavenly hill-towns in the Himalayan foothills.

There are great opportunities for adventure sports like skiing, mountain-climbing trekking, windsurfing, parasailing, river-rafting, bungee-jumping.

Nature and wildlife enthusiasts could go for bird watching and safaris in India's 75 national parks and 421 sanctuaries, providing safe home to a wide array of species like the Bengal tiger, the Asian elephant, the Nilgai, the one horned rhino, etc in spectacular habitats with outstanding scenic views.

The things to see and things to do in India are endless. There are many more reasons to take an Indian vacation and whatever you have read so far is just an overview. But still it is overwhelming enough to rethink your opinion of an Indian vacation. So, start your research, book your tickets and get ready to be mesmerized by incredible India!

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