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n the 40th anniversary of the historic 1983 World Cup win by Kapil Dev's Devils, a retired college professor has come out with a music video and a calendar which has captured all the historic moments.

Prof. M.C. Vasisht (former Head of the Department, History, Malabar Christian College Calicut), cricket historian and poet of Kerala, has compiled a song and brought out a calendar to celebrate the 40th year of the first ever World Cup win by India.

"The lyrics are mine which have been tuned and sung by my student Sai Giridhar. The objective of the song and calendar are to promote the message 'Cricket for National Integration'," said Vasisht.

Apart from the numerous cricketing moments captured in photographs pertaining to the historic win, the most impressive depiction in the calendar shows the pay slip of the winning Indian cricket team. It shows the payments made to the Indian team for the ODI on September 9, 1983. All the players and the manager of the team, former captain Bishen Singh Bedi were paid a daily allowance of Rs 200 per day for three days, a match fee of Rs 1,500, taking the total payment received by each player to Rs 2,100.

Each player has signed the sum of Rs 2,100 received also.

"On June 25, 2023 as a tribute to the World Cup winning Indian cricket team of 1983, I am organising an exhibition titled 1983 +40 23 at my school Malabar Christian College Higher Secondary School, Kozhikode," added Vasisht.

On this day, 40 years ago, the Kapil Dev-led Indian team brought down the mighty West Indies in the final of the 1983 World Cup.

Kerala Prof launches music video, calendar as tribute to Kapil Dev's 1983 World Cup win

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