Spats about making your relationship official ruining the honeymoon phase?

New Delhi, March 22: People frequently refer to the honeymoon period as a time when everything is carefree and joyful, you see everything through rose-tinted glasses, and some people even mistake red flags for green.

In a study on the behaviour of daters during the "honeymoon phase" by popular dating app, QuackQuack, 56 per cent of people who have dated or are dating mentioned that lover's spats are way less frequent in the beginning of a relationship than they are six months in. The research included 12,000 daters, aged 18 to 38, from tier 1 and tier 2 cities across the nation. The bulk of survey respondents are employed, and some are also enrolled in graduate or higher education programs.

QuackQuack Founder and CEO Ravi Mittal commented, "Every month, we see around 24 million chats exchanged, and almost 37 per cent of these messages are swapped between new matches who are thinking of taking their relationship further ahead. The "new couples" on the platform have a unique demeanor to them, and we notice at least 7 per cent of these people hastily jumping into a relationship."

Let's Chat

Study shows that "new lovers" send an average of 50 messages per day during the initial phases of dating. The number is higher among people below 23 compared to people above 28.

Fewer Lovers Spat

26 per cent of women above 30 in long-term relationships mentioned that conflicts are exponentially lesser during the starting of a relationship or the initial days of dating when couples begin to learn more about each other. 38 per cent of "currently-single" women between 24 and 28 disclosed how they fought more after one year of their relationship, mostly on trivial topics which could have been avoided altogether.

Hasty Decisions

44 per cent of daters from tier 1 and 2 cities spoke about the Euphoric Phase of dating; they called it the most tricky stage of dating owing to its tendency to cloud judgment. Study shows most daters jump head-first into a relationship during this time and often end up regretting the decision after some time. Backing the theory, 27 percent of male users shared personal accounts where their relationship met with the same fate.

Let's set some boundaries

Among other positives, 12 per cent of daters from tier 1 and 2 cities revealed how they took the time to set boundaries during the initial stage itself. They mentioned it helps avoid any miscommunication and unnecessary expectations that might lead to conflicts in the future.

Compromises; Is it too much?

Noting the negative trends during the initial phases of dating, the recent survey shows around 29 per cent of daters between 18 to 25 are in the habit of giving up friends and things that they once enjoyed at their partner's bidding. Compromise, to the extent of "losing yourself," has been mentioned as one of the negative behaviours noticed during the initial phases of dating. Studies show that around 6 out of 10 people lose at least one friend after they start dating.

What's the drama?

Among the spats noticed during the initial days of dating, 33 per cent of couples from tier 1 and 2 cities revealed "making the relationship official" to be at the top of the list. 18 per cent of these people mentioned posting couple pictures on social media is easily one of the biggest reasons for conflict; one will always be more eager than the other in most relationships. 12 per cent of couples also fight about coming out about their relationship to their friends, ushering in the first blow of fight in their romance bubble.

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Spats about making your relationship official ruining the honeymoon phase?
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