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elcoming NASA Administrator Bill Nelson to India on Tuesday, United States Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti said that he is excited to see how India and the US can further share interest in space.

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In a post on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), Garcetti wrote, "Honoured to welcome @NASA Administrator Bill Nelson to India, a career public servant who has been committed to using space to bring countries together for decades."

"I'm excited to see how we can further our shared interest in space, a key part of the US-India strategic partnership," he added.

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson touched down in India on Tuesday, expressing his enthusiasm for a week of meetings and events aimed at strengthening the partnership between NASA and ISRO.

He emphasised that India is a leader in space and is looking forward to a productive visit.

"Touchdown in India! Ready to embark on a week of engaging meetings and events to grow @NASA's partnership with @isro. India is a leader in space and we're looking forward to a productive visit," Nelson said in a post on X.

He will also be visiting the UAE for a series of meetings with key government officials.Nelson will also meet with space officials in both countries to deepen bilateral cooperation across a broad range of innovation and research-related areas, especially in human exploration and Earth science, the American space agency NASA said in a release.

Nelson's visit to India will fulfil a commitment as part of the US and India initiative on Critical and Emerging Technology initiated by President Joe Biden.

In the India leg, Nelson will visit several locations, including the Bengaluru-based facilities where the NISAR spacecraft, a joint Earth-observing mission between NASA and its Indian counterpart ISRO, is undergoing testing and integration for launch in 2024.

NISAR is short for NASA ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar.

NISAR is an equal collaboration between NASA and ISRO and marks the first time the two agencies have cooperated on hardware development for an Earth-observing mission.

While in the UAE, Nelson will also participate in the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference. It will be the first time a NASA administrator will be attending the conference.

US envoy Eric Garcetti welcomes NASA administrator Bill Nelson in India

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