Mumbai, Oct 18


fter remaining closed for 6 hours for post-monsoon runway maintenance works, the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport became operational again at 5 p.m., officials said here on Tuesday.

The planned maintenance which would also facilitate seamless aircraft movement and ensure passenger safety, was taken up from 11 a.m. -- 5 p.m. on both the intersecting runways -- RWY 14/32 and RWY 09/27.

Mumbai has recorded over 400-mm rainfall this year which made the inspection of the runways critical to enhance safe departures and landings of aircrafts.

The makeover included installation of the runway edge lights on RWY 14/32, trenching work for underground cables for segregation of Aeronautical Ground Lights at the beginning of RWY 09/27, validation of the strength of the runway end safety area on the intersection besides repairs for normal wear and tear.

A team also inspected over 5,000 aeronautical lights installed, drain pits and chambers adjacent to the runway strip, cables for critical lighting and navigational aids.

Among the busiest in the country, the CSMIA witnesses around 800 flight movements daily.

After 6-hr post-monsoon makeover, Mumbai Airport operational

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