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Why Sting didn't pen songs for eight years?

London, Oct 25 : Musician Sting says he didn't write songs for eight years because he was tired of displaying his private life in the lyrics of his tunes.

For new line, Kim took inspiration from bloggers

Los Angeles, Oct 25 : Reality TV star Kim Kardashian says she took inspiration from the internet while designing her latest collection.

Katie Price to sell old breast implants for a cause

London, Oct 25 : Former model Katie Price, who had six surgeries in a bid to get perfect breasts, says she plans to sell her breast implants to raise fund for charity.

Martin Scorsese to make documentary on Grateful Dead

Los Angeles, Oct 25 : Filmmaker Martin Scorsese will produce the Grateful Dead documentary to celebrate the rock band's 50th anniversary in 2015.

Lady Gaga helps pull off pal's engagement on stage

Washington, Oct 24 : Lady Gaga played a crucial role in the on-stage engagement of her friend Jay Lomax and his boyfriend Sean Martins during her concert recently.

Courtney Love set to be recurring guest star on 'Empire'

Washington, Oct 24 : Courtney Love has been signed as a recurring guest star on Fox's upcoming drama 'Empire.'

Jenny McCarthy says hubby Donnie Wahlberg's penis is beautiful

Washington, Oct 24 : Jenny McCarthy recently revealed that that her husband Donnie Wahlberg's penis is the most "beautiful" one she has ever seen.

'Star Wars' has no taste for 'Empire Strikes Bock' beer!

London, Oct 24 : Disney-owned Lucas-film, has filed a suit on a tiny New York-based brewpub for marketing a beer allegedly known as Empire's Strikes Bock.

Kim Kardashian set to launch her 7th fragrance, Fleur Fatale

London, Oct 24 : Kim Kardashian is set to launch her seventh perfume called Fleur Fatale.

When Keira Knightley attended prom with a girl

London, Oct 24 : One of the most gorgeous actresses of her generation Keira Knightley says there was a time when boys didn't find her attractive and she had to attend her prom night with a female friend.

Daniel Radcliffe "not involved" in J.K. Rowling's Fantastic Beasts Project

Washington, Oct 24 : Daniel Radcliffe has said that he would not be involved in the next J.K Rowling and David Yates project, the 'Fantastic Beasts'.

Beyonce and Jay Z renew wedding vows after 6 years of marriage amidst split rumors

London, Oct 24 : Beyonce and Jay-Z have reportedly renewed their wedding vows six years after getting married amidst split rumors.

Ethan Hawke set to play Chet Baker in 'Born To Be Blue' biopic

Washington, Oct 24 : Ethan Hawke will play the role of Chet Baker, the legendary jazz trumpeter, in the upcoming biopic dubbed as 'Born To Be Blue.'

Neil Patrick Harris wasn't first in line to host 2015 Oscars

Washington, Oct 24 : Neil Patrick Harris was not the first choice of Academy to host the Oscars for the year 2015.

Zach Galifianakis teases Brad Pitt about Anniston split on Funny Or Die chat show

London, Oct 24 : Brad Pitt was recently "grilled" on his split from former wife Jennifer Anniston by Zach Galifianakis on Funny Or Die's chat show 'Between Two Ferns'.

Christian Bale set to play Steve Jobs in biopic

Washington, Oct 24 : Christian Bale will play the role of Steve Jobs in the upcoming biopic, it has been reported.

James Blunt wants to have kids

London, Oct 24 : Singer James Blunt says he is ready to become a father and wants to take the next step with his new wife Sofia Wellesley.

Each One Direction member got 5.6 million pounds pay cheque

London, Oct 24 : English pop band One Direction earned over 49.1 million pounds last year, with each member drawing a salary of 5.6 million pounds.

When Lady Gaga made a slip of tongue

London, Oct 24 : Pop star Lady Gaga, who has been on a world tour for over six months, greeted the audience here saying "Hello Manchester".

Emotional Saldana pays tribute to mother

Los Angeles, Oct 24 : Actress Zoe Saldana got emotional while paying tribute to her mother, Asalia Nazario, during a surprise party, which was filmed for a TV series.

One Direction, Coldplay to perform at BBC Music Awards

London, Oct 24 : Popular British bands -- One Direction, Coldplay and Clean Bandit - have been roped in to perform at the inaugural BBC Music Awards.

Protective of my happiness: Taylor Swift on dating

Los Angeles, Oct 24 : Singer Taylor Swift says she is "protective of her happiness" and she has "love in her life", but doesn't have a "relationship".

'Archie' to be adapted as TV series

Los Angeles, Oct 24 : The popular characters from the Archie comics are reportedly headed for the small screen as an adaptation based on the comic book is in progress.

Halle Berry set to revive French lingerie label ' Scandale'

Washington, Oct 24 : Halle Berry is all set to revive 'Scandale,' a lingerie label which was first launched in France in 1932.

Keira Knightley set to make Broadway debut in 'Therese Raquin'

London, Oct 24 : Keira Knightley will make her Broadway stage debut in 'Therese Raquin, ' it has been reported.

Martin Scorsese to produce new 'Grateful Dead' documentary

Washington, Oct 24 : With the Grateful Dead's 50th Anniversary, an official blessed-by-the-band documentary feature film has been in the works from director Amir Bar-Lev and Martin Scorsese is onboard as an executive producer.

Taylor Swift turns to Google to check who she's purportedly dating!

London, Oct 24 : Taylor Swift has said that she often needs to search people online in order to keep up-to-date with who she's supposed to be dating.

Melissa Rivers may have to sue hospital to find cause of Joan Rivers' death

Washington, Oct 24 : Joan Rivers' daughter Melissa Rivers is willing to sue the medical center where the actress died and the doctors as well it is the only way to find out what really happened to her mother.

Keira Knightley makes it to Broadway

London, Oct 24 : Actress Keira Knightley will make her Broadway debut 2015 in a stage adaptation of Emile Zola's novel "Therese Raquin".

Katie Holmes' beauty tips for moms-on-the-move

Los Angeles, Oct 24 : No mascara or hair care products? Actress Katie Holmes has a few beauty tips for moms-on-the-move.

Halle Berry to launch lingerie line

Los Angeles, Oct 24 : Actress Halle Berry has teamed up with Target to launch the revitalised Scandale Paris line.

Alcohol abuse killed Elizabeth Pena, says report

Los Angeles, Oct 24 : Actress Elizabeth Pena died due to complications caused by alcohol abuse, says a report.

Orlando Bloom clears air on relationship with Selena Gomez

Washington, Oct 24 : Orlando Bloom, who is rumored to be dating Selena Gomez, said that they were not having sex and it was nothing more than the fact that they were both attending "We Day".

Archie Comics set for small screen makeover

Washington, Oct 24 : Archie Comics is all set to make its debut on small screen after Fox gained the rights for its TV adaptation, it has been revealed.

Chiwetel Ejiofor roped in for Ridley Scott's 'The Martian'

Washington, Oct 24 : Chiwetel Ejiofor has been roped in for Ridley Scott's 'The Martian', it has been revealed.

Gwyneth Paltrow turns to Hip-Hop to get over estranged hubby Chris Martin

London, Oct 24 : Gwyneth Paltrow has reportedly taken Hip-Hop dancing to get over her estranged husband Chris Martin.

Ex-couple Paltrow, Martin spotted together

Los Angeles, Oct 24 : Actress Gwyneth Paltrow and her estranged husband Chris Martin were recently spotted dining together here.

Katy Perry cancels her Egypt trip

Los Angeles, Oct 24 : Singer Katy Perry has reportedly scrapped her plans to travel to Egypt over safety concerns after the trip's itinerary was leaked.

Kate Moss to do cameo in TV show

London, Oct 24 : Supermodel Kate Moss has signed up to appear in the TV adaptation of comedian David Walliams' bestselling children's book "The Boy In The Dress".

Anne Hathaway's embarrassing night at McConaughey's house

Los Angeles, Oct 24 : Actress Anne Hathaway was left embarrassed when she turned up to a party at Matthew McConaughey's house a day late.

Robin Williams' daughter pays tattoo tribute

Los Angeles, Oct 24 : Robin Williams' daughter Zelda Williams has paid tribute to the late actor-comedian with a hummingbird tattoo.

When Nicki Minaj slept during interview

Los Angeles, Oct 24 : It seems like Nicki Minaj is not getting a good night's sleep as the singer dozed off four times during an interview with a magazine.

Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux fix wedding date?

Los Angeles, Oct 24 : Actress Jennifer Aniston and her fiance Justin Theroux have reportedly locked in the date to get married.

Mom Kim K wants daughter to 'work for what she wants' in future

Washington, Oct 23 : Kim Kardashian has admitted that when her one-year-old daughter North West grows up, she wants her to work hard to get what she wants.

Jim Carrey's 'Dumb and Dumber To' to hit Indian theatres on Nov 21, 2014

New Delhi, Oct 23 : Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels starrer 'Dumb and Dumber To' is all set to hit the Indian theatres in major cities on November 21, 2014.

Jim Carrey's 'Dumb and Dumber To' to hit Indian theatres on Nov 21, 2014

New Delhi, Oct 23 : Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels starrer 'Dumb and Dumber To' is all set to hit the Indian theatres in major cities on November 21, 2014.

Lindsay Lohan supports Brazilian politician once linked to cocaine bust

Washington, Oct 23 : Lindsay Lohan has revealed that she supports Brazilian Aecio Neves, whose company was once linked to a cocaine bust, for presidential candidature.

'Magic Faraway Tree' by Enid Blyton set for big screen adaptation

London, Oct 23 : Magic Faraway Tree book series by renowned author Enid Blyton books are set to be adapted for cinema.

Jennifer Lopez set to sign Las Vegas residency deal worth $26.3m

Washington, Oct 23 : Jennifer Lopez is very close to signing the Las Vegas residency deal worth 26.3 million dollars, it has been reported.

Alvin Stardust dead

London, Oct 23 : English singer Alvin Stardust died after a short illness. He was 72.

Kate Hudson once found Matthew McConaughey 'howling naked' in woods

Washington, Oct 23 : Kate Hudson has recently revealed that she once caught Matthew McConaughey howling naked in the woods, during weekend trip with some of their friends to her parents' cottage in the Canadian woods.

Khloe Kardashian can't get in touch with Lamar Odom to finalize divorce

London, Oct 23 : Khloe Kardashian is reportedly unable to get hold of her estranged husband Lamar Odom in order to finalize their divorce.

Keanu Reeves wishes to receive more offers from Hollywood studios

Washington, Oct 23 : Keanu Reeves has recently admitted that it sucks that not getting more studio offers and wishes to receive more offers from Hollywood studios.

Serena Williams suffers 'worst' loss in 16 years at WTA Finals

London, Oct 23 : World number one Serena Williams suffered her "worst" loss in 16 years as she was beaten 6-0 6-2 by Simona Halep at the Women's Tennis Association (WTA) Finals in Singapore.

New 007 novel may see James Bond racing cars

Washington, Oct 23 : U.K. novelist and screenwriter Anthony Horowitz has dropped a hint about the next 007 James Bond book.

Angelina Jolie's ex-hubby explains 'crazy' marriage to actress

London, Oct 23 : Angelina Jolie's former husband Billy Bob Thornton has revealed "kinky" secrets about his marriage to the actress saying that Jolie thought it was romantic to wear his blood in a locket.

Beyonce, Jay-Z wants to settle in Paris

Washington, Oct 23 : Beyonce and Jay-Z, who are currently looking for a new home in Paris, wants their daughter Blue Ivy to learn French, it has been revealed.

Jennifer Lawrence shells out more than $7m on new LA home

Washington, Oct 23 : Jennifer Lawrence has shelled out more than 7 million dollars on her new Los Angeles home, it has been revealed.

Disney announces new female protagonist 'Moana'

Washington, Oct 23 : Disney has announced a new female protagonist 'Moana', an ocean adventurer for their new movie with the same name, it has been revealed.

Sam Smith wins big at 2014 MOBO Awards

London, Oct 23 : Sam Smith grabbed four awards at 2014 MOBO Awards winning Best Male, Best R and B/Soul, Best Album for his debut album and Best Song.

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