How to Make Great First Impressions

How to Make Great First Impressions

I t is extremely important that people have a good first impression of you.

As everybody knows, first impressions really count, because they are going to affect the way the other person sees you for the rest of your relationship.

Before we go on, let's ask ourselves? What is a first impression? It's the first feelings and thoughts a person has toward you when he sees you or listens to you for the first time. The first impression is made during the first few minutes, and it's influenced by the way you look, act, dress, and talk.

Why is a good first impression important? If you go to school, your peer's first impression of you will determine whether you make new friends or not. If you are a salesperson, a customer's first impression of you will influence whether he buys your product or not. If you go to a job interview, the first impression the interviewer has of you will influence his final hiring decision.

You have to make a great first impression! Now, that may be easy for the chosen few who can strike up a conversation with just about anyone, but for some of us it's not so easy. Some of us always feel that we fall a little short, that we just can't get it right.

How do you make a good impression? There is one way which always works. You might need a little practice, but if you follow this advice, you will make excellent first impressions:

- First of all, smile. Give the person you are meeting a big smile. Everybody loves a person who is happy to see them.

- Cheerfully greet the person with a loud, hearty “Hi” or “Hello” and give them a firm handshake.

- Try to say the other person's name at least once in the conversation.

- Act the way you would act if you were meeting a good friend who had been away for a long time. Be enthusiastic.

- Always make eye contact, it makes a person feel special. If you are meeting a group of people, make sure to make eye contact with all of them.

- Stand or sit up straight and do not cross your arms. Body language is very important.

- Show people that you are happy to meet them, and they will feel happy to meet you.

Practice this technique until it becomes second nature. Practice in front of a mirror, practice with a family member or a friend. Practice!

It might feel awkward at first, but in a short time you will find it easier and easier to start and keep conversations with people you would not have dared to approach in the past, and you will be making great first impressions.


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