Vendakka Stew Recipe

1. Tender Ladies finger  20
2. Onion    1
3. Salt     As required
4. Potato    1
5. Green chilly    4
6. Tomato    1
7. Ginger    1 small piece
8. Pepper    1 teaspoon
9. Garlic    5 pods
10. Garam masala  powder  ½ teaspoon
11. Coconut milk   ½ cup
12. Curry leaves   1 stem


Cut ladies finger in 1 inch pieces.

Chop onions lengthwise. 

Half cook separately ladies finger and onion. 

In a pressure cooker, cook the potato (cut in small). 

Add green chilly split in two, chopped ginger, chopped garlic, masala powder, pepper powder. 

When all this is cooked, add the ladies finger, onion and salt. 

Add the coconut milk and curry leaves and remove from fire when it gets thickened.

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