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Cabbage Thoran Recipe

Cabbage Thoran Recipe


1. Cabbage (finely chopped)  2 cup
2. Salt     As required
3. Grated coconut   ¼ cup  
4. Green chilly    3
5. Garlic    4
6. Shallot    3
7. Cumin powder   ¼ teaspoon
8. Turmeric powder   ¼ teaspoon
9. Curry leaves   1 stem
10. Oil     2 tablespoon
11. Mustard seed   ½ teaspoon


Grind ingredients 3-8 and keep aside.

In a pan, pour oil and splutter mustard seeds. 

Add chopped cabbage and salt as required and allow it to cook.

When half done, add the grinded mixture and cook on low flame.

Garnish with curry leaves

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