Vegetable Chapatti Recipe

by Annamma Philipose


Wheat flour                  : 1 cup
Potato                         : 250 gm
Cabage                        : 100 gm
Green Chilly                   : 4
Pepper powder               : 1 tsp
Small onion                    : 5
Rice flour                      : 1 tbsp
Dalda                           : 1 tbsp
Salt required


Wheat flour add with required salt and mash in light hot water. Make 10 small balls. Boil the potato and remove the skin and mash it. Slice the cabage, green chilly and small onion and mix  with mashed potato

Pour the pepper powder on it. Make this also as 10 balls. Keep this balls inside the mashed wheat flour balls.Pour the rice flour on these ball and flatten  each ball. Grease the 'flat griddle' and make the vegetable chapati.


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