Lotus Stem Pickle Recipe

by Annamma Philipose

Lotus Stem Pickle Recipe


• 1/2 Kg Lotus Stem

• 1 Cup Mustard Oil

• 4 Tsp Mustard Powder

• 4 Tsp Red Chili Pepper

• 1 Tsp Turmeric

• 1/3 Cup Salt


• Peel and cut lotus stems into round slices

• Boil the stems till they become half tender.

• Drain the water and dry it under the sun.

• Mix salt, red chili pepper, mustard powder and turmeric.

• Take the spice and rub over the lotus stem pieces.

• Keep the pickle in an airtight jar.

• Heat the oil, cool it and then pour it on the pickle in the jar.

• Use it after 4 days.


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