Fish Pachadi Recipe

by Annamma Philipose

Fish Pachadi Recipe


Fish : 1 kg
Dry red chilly : 10
Garlic  : 1
Turmeric  : 1 piece
Pepper : 8
Salt required
Mango [Very small pieces] : 4
Green chilly  : 10
Onion[ small] : 200 gm
Ginger : 1 piece
Curry leaves required
Coconut  : 1
Cumin seeds : 1/4 tsp

Method :

Grind red chilly, turmeric, garlic and pepper to a fine paste.

Clean the fish pieces and make a few slits on it. Marinate with salt and keep it for  ½  hr. Remove the water from the fish pieces and marinate with fine paste and keep aside.

Mix the very small mango slices, sliced onion, ginger and salt. And keep for ½ hr. Saute the  remaining small onion slices,ginger, cumin seeds,blckgram, curry leaves in oil. Grate the coconut and take the first and the second milk.

Boil the mango mixture adding the second milk.. Add the second milk and add the required salt. Boil it again.. Keep the pachady aside.. Fry the marinated fish dices and place in the pachady in hot. Fish pachady is ready to serve.


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