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Yellow Vest protests in France enter 13th week

Feb 10, 2019 (5 months ago) |
Paris, Feb 9 : Yellow Vest protestors continued their demonstrations here for the 13th consecutive week on Saturday, despite continued efforts by the French government to meet the protesters' demands.
The Emmanuel Macron-led government had previously scrapped the proposed hike in fuel prices, which had initially triggered the protests. Macron further introduced a string of initiatives, including increasing the minimum wage by 100 euros a month, as part of his 'economic and social emergency plan' unveiled in December last year.

The protesters have continued their agitations regardless, and are now demanding a 20 per cent hike in minimum wages, equal pay for men and women, tax reform, development of public services and just environmental reforms, reports Sputnik.

Saturday's protests turned gruesome when a demonstrator lost his hand after a GLI-F4 instant tear gas grenade blew up while he was holding it, right outside the National Assembly here.

Protestors gathered at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris on Saturday as tensions remained high between the agitators and law enforcement.

The Yellow Vests have been protesting since November 17 last year, with no end in sight. Similar protests had initially spread to places like Belgium, Netherlands, Taiwan amongst others.

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Yellow Vest protests in France enter 13th week

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