• Sunday, 18 August 2019

Google Chrome to support multimedia buttons on your keyboard

California, February 9 : With the roll out of the Chrome 73, you will be finally able to make good use of the multimedia buttons on your keyboard.

The Google Chrome 73 version is scheduled to release in the coming month. As ZDNet reports, it will be the first version of the popular browser to officially support multimedia keys that some computers and laptop come built-in with.

In the initial phase, multimedia key support will be available for Chrome on Chrome OS, macOS, and Windows. It will allow one to control audio and video content in Chrome, including skipping through the playlists.

The support will be provided at the Chrome level which essentially means, multimedia buttons will work regardless if Chrome browser is in the foreground or background. It will also ship with the Media Session API allowing developers to control media playback in the browser and also customise interactions for multimedia keys.

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Google Chrome to support multimedia buttons on your keyboard

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