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How to begin your CAT 2019 Online Preparation?

How to begin your CAT 2019 Online Preparation?

New Delhi, Feb 8: The Common Admission Test (CAT) is a national-level management entrance exam which offers admission to MBA/PGDM Programmes across the 20 IIMs of the country along with other over 1000 reputed management institutes in India.

The CAT exam is conducted once every year by any of the IIMs on a rotational basis. Notably, CAT 2018 was conducted by IIM Calcutta. The rotating body for CAT 2019 is yet to be announced.

The CAT Exam is a hot pie in the market, and rightly so, what with the top placement reports of IIMs and other colleges with highly lucrative salary packages and stipends. Management institutes help shape careers in a way that their alumnus go on to be top CEOs and leaders in a global economy craving for top talent. Therefore, it is a win-win situation for both the parties. In such a case, why not take benefit of the situation and aspire to be top management in huge organisations that values your contribution and pays you the big bucks?

However, like Hitler said, 'If you want to shine like sun, first you have to burn like it.' Similarly, the road to acing CAT 2019 is riddled with tremendous hurdles, however, since nothing is impossible in life, same is the case with CAT 2019. If you are a beginner targeting CAT 2019, preparing for CAT 2019 online would be easier, resourceful and less-complicated for you.

How to Choose a Good Online CAT Coaching?

There is no dearth of online resources and study material online with regards to the CAT exam. However, they are generally not authentic, of poor quality and might not be updated as per the changed exam pattern. Also, where lectures are concerned, you can find numerous random sites wherein you have lectures by novices or the ones with a very surface knowledge which would not be of much help to you. Unacademy, though possess a large student database and has 'verified' educators onboard, yet, just about anyone is able to register there as an educator by preparing a demo of few minutes on the Unacademy Educator App. Other platforms, particularly CareerAnna, India's Largest Learning Platform, employs high-quality subject matter experts and tutors to prepare its demo lectures and courses which are highly reliable.

CAT, XAT, IIFT, UPSC, CMAT - you name it and CareerAnna has ample study material,videos Mocks, Practice test series on that very exam. It also offers personalised mentorship, which ensures you ace not even the core competitive exam with the desired percentile but also the second round of admissions, generally the PI-WAT-GD rounds. Just like you choose an umbrella health insurance policy which provides you complete coverage for the entire family, similarly, when choosing a CAT 2019 Online Coaching, you should pick a coaching which aids you in every step of your preparation and selection.

Why study for CAT 2019 Online?

Preparing for CAT, or any other exam online has numerous benefits. For students in their under graduation and working professionals, rushing to a traditional coaching, reporting on time amid all the pollution, traffic and adverse weather conditions; add to that the stress of college and workplace just becomes too much to bear at some point in time. This exhaustion makes one lose motivation to give their all to their preparation and also results in wastage a time and money in commuting to and fro.

CAT 2019 Online Coaching, however, offer multiple perks . Some of them are listed below:

1.You can be flexible in your schedule and attend online lectures from the comfort of your home. This saves up your time which would be wasted everyday for months in commuting two and fro, and would thus boost your productivity level.

2.Online coachings are affordable, with many of them offering discounts as well, slashing the course fee even further. Besides, you dave up money from your commute and other ,lodging/boarding and physical study resources because you will already have a stock of online resources with you, give to you by the coaching you enroled in.

3.Also, traditional books might be outdated, considering the constant exam updates and revisions. However, online study material is always reliable and updated which you don't have to carry around anywhere. You can watch the lecture or read the content as many times as you wish, by downloading it and saving it in your computer system. This makes the study material more authentic and easily accessible at the same time.
4.Offline classes cannot be reviewed, unlike online classes, wherein you can view and review your recorded classes any number of times that you like. This is one great USP of online coaching.

Growing up, we are perpetually scared of the monsters under our beds, only to one day find out they were never there in the first place! Similarly, CAT is an exam which creates a huge fear in many students and they start battling feelings of inadequacy and are stressed out about their success in the most coveted exam of the country: CAT. However, all students should note that people achieve success in life despite insurmountable obstacles, and you are climbing the ladder of success steadily, you will definitely reach zenith.

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How to begin your CAT 2019 Online Preparation?

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