Moscow, Feb 8

The Venezuelan embassy in Moscow on Thursday reported that the websites of Venezuelan Foreign Ministry in various countries across the globe were under threat of cyber attacks.

According to Sputnik, the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry has closed the operations of its websites everywhere until proper security measures are restored.

The hacker attack and the interference in the operation of the websites is an international cybercrime aimed at continuing attacks on Venezuela, the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry was quoted as saying.

The website of the Venezuelan embassy in Russia went offline on Thursday, after the websites of the Venezuelan embassies in Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Mexico, the United Kingdom and a number of other states got disconnected too.

Following the cyber attack on the websites of the Venezuelan embassy in Argentina and Mexico, a statement supporting Venezuela's self-proclaimed interim president and Opposition leader Juan Guaido was published in the two Latin countries.

However, Venezuelan diplomats in Mexico and Argentina subsequently reiterated their allegiance to President Nicolas Maduro.

Venezuela is currently reeling from an ongoing political as well as a humanitarian crisis, especially after Guaido declared himself to be the interim President of the nation, last month, in the Venezuelan National Assembly. Guaido's recognition as the legitimate Head of the State by the US and the European Union has further sparked controversies from the side of Maduro, who allege that the former has been acting upon the orders of Washington.

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