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Pros Of Preparing For CAT 2019 Online

Pros Of Preparing For CAT 2019 Online

New Delhi, Jan 29: The advancing technology has long penetrated the education system worldwide which has brought about a huge educational revolution in the world. There are innumerable online resources available on the internet, with most of them being free, aiding students in acing a variety of competitive exams.

Let us go through this article to comprehend acing CAT 2019 through online tools and resources.

As per a KPMG India and Google Report titled, Online Education in India: 2021, India's online education market is expected to grow to USD 1.88 billion and around 8.8 million users by 2021. The report also highlighted that the 'online test preparation' would be the fastest growing category in 2021, growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 64%.

The CAT Exam is one of the hottest management entrance exams followed by XAT, IIFT, TISSNET among others. CAT 2018 recorded around 2.40 lakh registrations and the results were declared on January 5, 2019 on the official website of IIMCAT. CAT 2019 will be the entrance exam for securing admission into the 5,500 seats by the various IIMs and other reputed colleges. For CAT 2019, registrations and application process will start from the first week of August 2019 and will remain open for more than 45 days. CAT 2019 will be a computer-based exam, just like its predecessors.

How can students prepare for CAT 2019 Online?

There is no one way to approach any exam, course or semester for that matter. Therefore, students can opt for self-study, enrol in top coaching centres or prepare through online coachings/resources aided by self preparation. Needless to say, the last method of preparation trumps all.

Pros of preparing CAT 2019 through online coaching

There are numerous online portals offering quality education, especially for core exams like CAT, XAT, GMAT, UPSC and the likes. Resorting to the right online CAT coaching aided with rigorous self preparation will surely bear fruits. Online coachings like CareerAnna are on an altruistic mission to accelerate the trend of online education in a way that it reaches every nook and cranny of India. It provides content in the form of helpful articles, mock tests, online lectures, practice tests, quizzes and byte-sized learning in the form of videos which ensures you cover the entire syllabus! In case reading in English is not your strongest suit, you can resort to Hindi to prepare for your exam. CareerAnna has recently launched its vernacular content and currently offers study material in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

Other pros of preparing for CAT 2019 Online Coaching are flexibility in schedule and learning at your own pace. Online coaching offers a win-win situation for both college goers and working professionals, because it enables them to save up on their time and energy which will otherwise be wasted in commuting from point to another. In case your schedule is busy for a particular period of time, you can take classes later and learn at your own pace, without being pressured to learn from a tutor or match the learning peace with the rest of the class. Online coachings are also cost-effective compared to the physical coaching centres which charge a bomb both as tuition fees and study material; add to that the commuting costs and other related expenditure.

Generally, an Online CAT Coaching charge a fee anywhere between Rs.10,000-25,000 whereas in a traditional coaching centre, one would easily be shelling out Rs.40,000 plus taxes.

Selecting the right online coaching widely depends on coachings wherein subject matter experts deliver quality lectures. CareerAnna employs domain experts to tackle every subject individually and share quality content with students. Students can also enrol in demo classes before paying to see if they like the class/tutor. This is another advantage superseding offline classes.

Besides the aforementioned pros, students have both their tutors and peers a click away, through which they can get their queries resolved right away, speak to other peers about their preparation and assess the level of competition for CAT 2019.

Ways to select the right CAT 2019 Online Coaching

Students, before investing in any coaching must definitely take a demo class to assess the quality of faculty and the lectures provided. It would also help to assess the batch-size, course modules, doubt classes etc. Also check if the concerned coaching provides timely Mock- tests as per the CAT Exam Pattern.

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Pros Of Preparing For CAT 2019 Online

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