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Cisco's 'DevNet' programme hits 5 lakh members

Jun 13, 2018 (11 months ago) |
Cisco's 'DevNet' programme hits 5 lakh members

Orlando (Florida), June 13 : Global networking major Cisco's developer programme 'DevNet' that began in 2014 now has 5 lakh registered members, the company has said.
According to Susie Wee, Vice President and CTO of "DevNet Innovations" at Cisco Systems, this means the company has hit critical mass with a developer community who can programme the network.

"Our 500,000 strong community is writing code that can be leveraged and shared by others. This represents a new innovation model for networking where innovation continues rapidly in networking platforms themselves," Wee said in a blog post on Wednesday.

"DevNet is creating a network innovation ecosystem that will be the hub of the next generation of applications and the next generation of business," she added.

The "DevNet" community is made up of application developers and infrastructure developers, IoT developers and cloud developers, network experts and IT and devops professionals and Cisco customers and partners.

During its annual "Cisco live" event, the company announced two new centres for community sharing on DevNet.

"DevNet Ecosystem Exchange" makes it easy to find and share an application or solution built for Cisco platforms.

"DevNet Code Exchange" gives developers a place to access and share software to quickly build next-generation applications and workflow integrations.

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Cisco's 'DevNet' programme hits 5 lakh members

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