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Want to play hard cricket and be respected off the field: Ashley Giles

Jan 14, 2019 (5 months ago) |
Dubai [UAE], Jan 13 : England and Wales Cricket Board's managing director of cricket, Ashley Giles wants his side to play hard cricket on the field and be the 'most respected' among fans for their conduct off the field.
"We still want people to play cricket hard. We don't want bland cricket played out on the field. But as much as I want us to be the best team in the world, I also want us to be the most respected team in the world over how we go about things. That is going to be challenged. There are going to be things that pop up that would go against that, but it is part of my role to manage that," ICC quoted Giles, as saying on Sunday.

"The process in my role of consistently challenging and checking what we are doing and what the dressing room is doing is important. I can't do it on my own. I am not going to be in a tracksuit on the ground. We have some very good people in there I need to rely on and tap into. Again, how we play and how we are viewed outwardly is important, but also really important to me is how we are seen and respected," Giles added.

Having faced the first-round exit at the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2015, England have become a stronger side and are currently placed at number one in the ICC ODI rankings.

However, the team could add another probable in the name of pacer Jofra Archer ahead of the 2019 World Cup. The fast-bowling all-rounder still needs to complete eligibility criteria to play for the English side.

"It will be exciting when Jofra is available. Any guy who bowls 90mph-plus is going to create interest and get people out of their seats. How we look after them and when we introduce them is a difficult balance to strike sometimes but it is important. I need to know what the coaches are thinking, and the captains," Giles said.

"It is a big year and it would be a bit tough on the lad to think he is going to be some sort of messiah coming into the team. But he is an exciting cricketer and his hat will be in the ring. His skills are good, and it is a massive one-day year. At the same time, we have got a group of players who have done a lot to get us to this point and have performed very well for England. So competition for those final places is going to be strong," he concluded.

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Want to play hard cricket and be respected off the field: Ashley Giles

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