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Mapp Becomes A Digital Marketing Platform For Marketing Rebels

Jan 13, 2019 (6 months ago) |
SAN DIEGO: Mapp unveiled their new brand last week. With striking new colors, bold taglines, and a rebellious sheep as their mascot, Mapp has repositioned themselves as a rad digital marketing platform for companies that want to break away from the pack.
We are taking a bold stance and telling marketers that they need to break away from the pack with respect to marketing technology. Blindly following the crowd when making a marketing technology decision is a mistake, as you might end up with a huge, overpriced marketing cloud or multiple point solutions that need to be hacked together. Mapp helps mid-enterprise marketers build cross-channel campaigns for acquisition and engagement - without costing a fortune, said Steve Warren, CEO of Mapp.

With Mapp's flagship product, Mapp Cloud, marketers can then break away from their competition by running smarter campaigns that draw from unified customer data - from one simple platform. In 2018, Mapp transformed their data architecture into a customer data platform (CDP) to enable data-driven marketing.

In addition to supporting consumer brands, Mapp has also identified the need for an agency-friendly email marketing solution amongst agencies and consulting firms with multiple clients. As a result, Mapp relaunched its BlueHornet eMS product as Mapp Empower. Mapp Empower, which boasts white-label, multi-tenant capabilities and self-service deployment, will become the top choice for Mapp partners going forward. Current eMS customers, both brands and agencies, will benefit from newly-invested innovation in 2019, as well as the continued service for this platform. For resellers, their opportunities to partner with Mapp are expanding to include Mapp Acquire, Mapp Engage, and Mapp Empower.

The company's new market positioning and product relaunch represent Mapp's continued commitment to delivering technology that meets the evolving needs of marketers in 2019 and beyond.

To check out Mapp's edgy new brand, visit www.mapp.com or join Mapp's webinar on January 29, 2019, with a leading research firm, to learn more about Mapp's approach to align with the current MarTech landscape.

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Mapp Becomes A Digital Marketing Platform For Marketing Rebels

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