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oVertone's Purple For Brown Hair Color Conditioner Already Has A 7,000-Person Waitlist

Jan 13, 2019 (6 months ago) |
DENVER: By popular demand, oVertone is set to launch its second 'for brown hair' color conditioners on January 23 - and it already has a 7,000 person waitlist!
The new color, Purple for Brown Hair, is specifically formulated to work on darker strands and requires no bleach or pre-lightening prior to application. Anyone with light-medium brown starting shades can use the multitasker to deeply condition and achieve an ultraviolet hue from the comfort of their shower — all in under 15 minutes.

We discovered a lot of our brown-haired consumers wanted a vivid color but didn't necessarily want to pre-bleach their strands to get there, said Maegan Scarlett, Co-founder of oVertone Haircare. Purple for Brown Hair removes the need for lighteners and bleach due to its intense pigment levels.

Purple for Brown Hair is brightest on light brown starting shades, and achieves a subtle tint on medium and dark brown hair. Because oVertone products are bleach-free and contain no damaging lightening or lifting agents, Purple for Brown Hair is not effective on jet black strands.

To create a purple that would pop against brown base shades, we doubled the warm pigments of our Extreme Purple conditioners for a really true-to-tone color result, explained Bella Romeo, Vice President of Research and Development at oVertone.

In addition to Purple for Brown Hair, oVertone offers 30 other blendable shades of color conditioner for endless custom color possibilities, as well as The Remedy Colorless Hair Mask. The brand's semi-permanent pigmented conditioners are formulated to keep hair healthy and bright, whether you're maintaining an existing dye job or adding color for the first time. It is effective on wet or dry hair of all types, as well as human hair wigs and extensions.

All oVertone conditioners are manufactured in the U.S. using high quality, true-to-tone pigments. Each formula is vegan, cruelty-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, ammonia-free, curl-friendly, and contain no harsh chemicals or heavy alcohols.

oVertone Purple for Brown Hair is available in the following formats:

8 oz. Purple for Brown Hair Deep Treatment, $29
8 oz. Purple for Brown Hair Daily Conditioner, $18
Purple for Brown Hair Complete System, $47

The new color line will be available for purchase at overtone.co.

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oVertone's Purple For Brown Hair Color Conditioner Already Has A 7,000-Person Waitlist

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