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Nanoport Reveals World's First Mechanically Customizable Haptics in TacHammer Developer Kit

Jan 13, 2019 (6 months ago) |
SANTA CLARA, Calif: Nanoport, the Silicon Valley R and D lab working on next-generation user interaction technologies for mobile, reveals a first-of-its-kind haptics kit that provides full customization and mechanical fine-tuning of the quality of haptic feel.
Codenamed 'Carlton,' Nanoport's new second generation units offer up a modular approach to haptic component design. Developers can now fine-tune the sharpness of clicks and jolts, and adjust the travel length of the hammer to customize its operating frequencies, response time, power and efficiency.

TacHammer was designed to produce high g-force output using a robust impact mechanism in addition to the widest frequency response available in haptics, said Tim Szeto, CEO and Founder. With the release of the Carlton model, we now provide component-level customization that lets our partners tune and develop their own signature haptic feels across their devices.

Nanoport's TacHammer is a patented, magnetically balanced design announced at Mobile World Congress Americas in San Francisco a year ago. It is the only haptics actuator on the market that offers 3-modes of tactile feedback. While most conventional haptics are vibration-based, the TacHammer provides individual control of haptic pulses, taps, clicks, sharp jolts and even vibrations from the same unit.

TacHammer Developer Kit Features:

Customizable TacHammer Carlton Developer units
Assorted impact materials for customizing impact quality
Stackable spacers for customizing the travel distance of the hammer
Software and Sample Code
Customization Guide and Datasheet
Mounting clips and adhesive strips for quick prototyping

TacHammer Carlton (Generation II) Features:

60% reduction in size over Generation I (Bathurst)
4 x improved performance in traditional haptics over Generation I
Modular component design
Customizable impact effects
Customizable hammer travel

TacHammer LMR-Class Haptics
TacHammer is a new class of Linear Magnetic Ram (LMR) haptic actuators based on a balanced magnetic array and impact mechanism revealed in 2017. It provides high fidelity haptic feedback across a broad frequency range and open developer API that makes it easy to produce:

Sharp Impulses - efficient production of sharp haptics such as snaps, jolts, and clicks that mimic the sensation of a physical button press
Soft Impulses - magnetically dampened production of soft haptics such as pulses, taps, and bumps
Vibrations - produces sustained vibration haptics ranging from a light wobble to intense vibrations

TacHammer haptic units also respond to simple drive signals, LRA signals, and audio signals for broad compatibility.

Ideal for mobile, wearable, console gaming and automotive applications, Nanoport's patented technology is scalable for custom applications that require stronger haptics and unique form factors. The company is currently working with leading OEMs to bring haptics to next generation devices.

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Nanoport Reveals World's First Mechanically Customizable Haptics in TacHammer Developer Kit

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