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Justin Trudeau doppelganger found in Afghanistan!

Kabul [Afghanistan], Jan 11 : An Afghan music show contestant has taken the internet by storm owing to his uncanny resemblance with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Salam Maftoon, a contestant on "Afghan Star" Afghanistan's most popular singing competition, is a dead ringer for the Canadian PM, confirmed Geo News.

In a video surfaced online, Maftoon can be seen singing traditional Afghan music. The similarities haven't gone unnoticed by the Afghan public, as soon enough, they chanted names such as "Salam Trudeau" and "Afghan Trudeau" in support of Maftoon.

While the two may not be identical, they have a similarity when it comes to their dark, wavy locks, and facial structure.

The comparison has also been noticed by a few Twitter users, some of whom have questioned whether a lookalike of United States President Donald Trump would have advanced as far on the singing competition show as Maftoon has.

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Justin Trudeau doppelganger found in Afghanistan!

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