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Shook Scholars Institute Phase II Readies Diverse Law Students for Success

Jan 12, 2019 (6 months ago) |
KANSAS CITY, Mo: Shook, Hardy and Bacon is again offering a national diversity and inclusion intensive fellowship for law students to impart the high-level skills necessary to become an accomplished and thriving lawyer.
The Shook Scholars Institute premiered in 2018 to a select group of minority and LGBTQ law students who participated in a trial boot camp, as well as sessions on how to be an effective lawyer, gain deposition skills, learn success strategies for diverse lawyers and build a career in law. Phase II will occur in April 3-5, 2019.

Responses from inaugural attendees include the following statements:

It was an unforgettable unique experience for me.
Very robust program.
Professionally done.

The Shook Scholars Institute gives law students the opportunity to work with Shook trial attorneys, litigators and leaders in a small group. Following the program, during law school, Shook will mentor participants in the Institute. Shook represents some of the world's leading health, science and technology companies in complex litigation.

This is an extraordinary opportunity for law students to gain real-world insight from some of the nation's leading trial lawyers and litigators, said Shook Partner and retired Jackson County Circuit Judge Jon Gray, who served as a judge on the Sixteenth Judicial Circuit of Missouri for 20 years and is leading the trial program component of the Institute. The experience will set the course for what law students might expect to encounter in the future.

We're excited to launch Phase II of the Shook Scholars Institute for law students nationwide, said Shook Director of Strategic Diversity Initiatives Kori S. Carew, who is also a lawyer. Law school and the transition to the practice of law can be overwhelming. We want to help make that experience even better for some of the best and the brightest minority and LGBTQ students.

Students may apply through the Shook website through January 31, 2019.

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Shook Scholars Institute Phase II Readies Diverse Law Students for Success

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