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Roav Bolt by Anker Optimizes The Google Assistant For Your Car

Jan 12, 2019 (6 months ago) |
LAS VEGAS: Anker Innovations unveiled the Roav Bolt, smart car charger that works with the Google Assistant on your phone to bring a safe and helpful driving experience for everyone.
With a simple plug-n-play design, it features far-field microphones with advanced voice-recognition technology from Google that can be connected to almost any car via Bluetooth or auxiliary cable.

Anker Innovations is committed to bringing smart, connected services to cars, said Steven Yang, CEO of Anker Innovations. We are thrilled to be working with Google to bring the Google Assistant to our new Roav Bolt smart charger.

Whether it's through an Android Auto compatible car, your phone, and now, with an easy-to-use car accessory, we want the Google Assistant to be easily accessible when you're on the road, said Chris Turkstra, Director of Product Management for the Google Assistant. We're excited to work with Anker to offer a powerful and affordable device that works with the Google Assistant to help you safely navigate, stay connected, enjoy entertainment, and find answers and more while driving.

Sleek Design, Powerful Chargers
Roav Bolt's sleek and compact design is topped with four LED lights to display signature colors of the Google Assistant. Bolt comes ready with a dual mic array containing advanced noise cancellation technology to ensure the Google Assistant hears you clearly. Roav Bolt is also equipped with dual USB ports containing Anker's patented PowerIQ technology to rapidly charge any mobile device.

Hey Google, Welcome to Roav.
Simply say, Hey Google, or tap the button on Bolt to get to the nearest coffee shop, play your favorite song or podcast, navigate home, read texts, make calls, set reminders, and check your schedule for the day. Proactive voice notifications from the Google Assistant on Bolt help you stay connected, so you don't miss important alerts such as messages from a loved one or a reminder to pick up dinner.

With Roav Bolt you can also*:

Navigation: Ask the Google Assistant to help you get to your destination and find the things you need on the go such as current traffic along your route, nearby gas stations, or restaurants and businesses.
Enjoy Entertainment: Ask the Google Assistant to play your favorite songs, radio stations, audiobooks and podcasts.
Communication: Call, send a message and read notifications while you're driving, all with just with your voice. And with proactive notifications, stay connected without needing to look at your phone so you don't miss important updates while you are in the car - like messages from a loved one or a reminder to pick up dinner.
Productivity: Order coffee, find a parking spot on the go by using the 3P app or add an item to your shopping list and reminder to stop by the store on your way home.
Plan Your Day: Get updates on your schedule or the latest weather to help prepare you for the day.

Availability and Cost
Roav Bolt is available for pre-order now on goroav.com and walmart.com for $49.99. For more information, please visit www.goroav.com.

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Roav Bolt by Anker Optimizes The Google Assistant For Your Car

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