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Launch of Smart Toy Train at 2019 Consumer Electronics Show

Jan 12, 2019 (6 months ago) |
LAS VEGAS: Consumer robotics startup company, Innokind, Inc. (dba intelino), announced the launch of its intelino smart train at the 2019 International Consumer Electronics Show.
The intelino smart train augments the classic toy train experience to entertain and develop today's tech-savvy children. It has the simplicity and ease of use expected in a child's first train set. Yet it has the sophistication of an advanced robotic toy. This smart train is intuitive, interactive and intelligent.

Intuitive. Right out of the box, intelino is ready to go. It's easy to click together its dual-sided, interlocking tracks; to get the smart train rolling; and to engage its players. And as a bonus, intelino is retro-compatible with most classic wooden track systems.

Interactive. The smart engine's built-in sensors enable advanced interactivity and give players control. Rated for ages from 3 to 99, intelino offers both off-screen and app-enabled modes of play. Off-screen, even the youngest of players can control the train's basic functions such as steering at track junctions, speed, movement and the electro-magnetic wagon coupler by using action snap commands - sequences of colored plastic tiles that snap on the tracks with ease. On-screen, older players can use the intelino companion app to turn their smart devices into the train's dashboard with an advanced range of remote-control features and real-time feedback.

Intelligent. Brainy is the other word that describes this smart train. It is a precise and intelligent piece of robotic hardware. The smart engine is powered by a 32-bit ARM microcontroller with BLE wireless connectivity. It controls the train's magnetic steering system, the electro-magnetic coupler, dual color sensors, 3-axis accelerometer, speed and capacitive sensors. This smart hardware is also programmable via the app's Snap Editor which enables players to create custom action snap commands to gain advanced control of the train.

Dr. Armen Kroyan, the creator of the intelino smart train, said: Generations of children grew up playing with and loving toy trains. Today's kids are interested in technology, but easily become addicted to passive content consumption on a digital screen. So, we designed our intelino smart train to energize them to use their imagination, encourage tactile play and creativity, and naturally develop tangible STEM skills through play. On top of that, we added a friendly, futuristic style to intelino's train cars, plus sounds, lights, sensors and speed, to make playing with it a lot of fun. In a nutshell, the intelino smart train engages your children, helping them get smarter while having fun.

The intelino smart train will be marketed and sold internationally via distributors, online and in-store retailers.

To see a demo of the intelino smart train at the 2019 CES event, please visit the

LVCC, South Hall 2 - Booth 26500.

Additional information on the intelino smart train, tracks and app can be found at intelino.com.

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Launch of Smart Toy Train at 2019 Consumer Electronics Show

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