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Rajasthan minister rebukes cop over bribery complaint

Jan 12, 2019 (6 months ago) |
Bundi (Rajasthan) , Jan 11 : Rajasthan's Youth affairs and sports Minister Ashok Chandna on Thursday rebuked a police personnel here, following complaints of illegal collection of money against him.
Giving him a stern warning of getting him removed from the job, Chandna said, "Were you extorting money from people while sitting at the toll? I will get your removed from the police and get you a job at the toll. These 100-100 rupees that you take from the poor people, the day I come to know of any illegal extortion from the people, your job will be gone. Your life will be in trouble because of a petty amount. This is my last warning to you."

Villagers had accused the cop of collecting money from them at the toll.

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Rajasthan minister rebukes cop over bribery complaint

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