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CBSE to conduct two levels Mathematics Exam for Class Xth

Jan 12, 2019 (5 months ago) |
New Delhi , Jan 11 : The CBSE on Friday issued a circular announcing the introduction of two levels of Mathematics for class 10th. The students can now opt for one of the levels according to their needs.
Accepting the unrealistic stress the subject can have on students who do not wish to further pursue the subject, CBSE has decided to introduce a Basic and a Standard Mathematics for Class X students for CBSE Board Examinations 2020.

The present level and curriculum of mathematics would continue to remain the same.

In its notification the CBSE also highlighted, "There shall not be two levels of assessment/Examination for class IX. First level would be the same as the existing one, and the other would be an earlier level. The nomenclature for the two Examinations will be; Mathematics-Standard for the existing level of examination, and Mathematics-Basic for the easier level of examination."

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CBSE to conduct two levels Mathematics Exam for Class Xth

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