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Amazon to build its own cloud gaming service: Report

Jan 12, 2019 (6 months ago) |
Washington [United States], January 11 : Amazon is reportedly looking at grabbing a share of the gaming market with its own service.
The e-commerce giant is looking to build an online gaming service. The company is in talks with publishers about potential titles for the service. However, the service is unlikely to be ready for launch until next year, Mashable reported.

What would possibly set apart the purported gaming service is that unlike Twitch which is a game streaming service, the one by Amazon will allow you to play video games without having to download them.

These online games will be hosted by cloud servers and streamed over the internet, giving users the hardware-flexibility. When the service does launch, it will compete against Google's Project Stream, Sony's PlayStation Now, Microsoft's Project xCloud, and Nvidia's GeForce Now, among other cloud gaming platforms.

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Amazon to build its own cloud gaming service: Report

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